About MPI



Our Story

When we meet face-to-face, it empowers us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder.

That’s why MPI strives to lead the world in education, networking and innovative solutions that advance not only the meeting and event industry, but the careers of the professionals in it. Through MPI’s global network of local chapters, we activate, educate, support and connect the connectors—people who are passionate about bringing people together.

MPI serves the entirety of the meeting and event industry, regardless of need, audience or specialization. MPI delivers leadership and education that are not only credible—they’re actionable. We empower our community to visualize and execute one-of-a-kind experiences that inspire people to evolve their outlooks, reexamine their preconceptions and take positive action.

Because when we meet, we think in ways previously unthought. Because when we meet, we break through barriers that kept us apart.

When we meet, we change the world.

Our Vision

MPI will lead and empower an inclusive meeting and event community to change the world.

Our Mission

MPI will connect the global meeting and event community to learn, innovate, collaborate and advocate.

Our Commitment to Diversity

MPI’s aim is to embrace and foster an inclusive business climate of respect for all peoples regardless of national origin, race, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, age, color, sexual orientation or disability. Read our Principles of Professionalism.

MPI Delivers


No professional investment delivers more value than an MPI membership. MPI provides an unparalleled level of growth and advancement, both personally and professionally. And the people you meet could be lifelong friends.


Where other education providers offer up DIY lessons, MPI provides a career path. More than clock hours and credits, MPI delivers advancement and action, jobs and profits, corporate improvement and sustainable, positive change.


MPI delivers value at every stage of our members’ careers. Once someone joins, they often remain involved and highly active with MPI for decades.


MPI is the global meeting and event thought leader, empowering the world’s best and brightest individuals to become agents of change, reinventing the world through the events they plan.


When MPI speaks, the industry takes notice. MPI is the voice of meeting and event professionals around the world, advocating for the industry and its significant economic impact.