Booth Education

Tuesday | October 17

Booth education in session from 10:00 am until 3:30 pm.

Speaker: Janet Sperstad

In this session we explore the intersection of exhibition/event design and the neuroscience of attention. How we design our event spaces is an important factor and has a major influence on an attendee’s decision making, learning experience, and the value they perceive from the experience.  
Learning Outcomes:
• Examine key drivers of the brain and their role in our decision making and behavior.
• Discover 3 ways to quickly grab someone’s attention.
• Explore design tips for event space to influence and optimize attendees’ experience.


Speaker: Michael Dominguez/Tim Luepke

Join Tim Luepke from The MPI Academy Team, and Michael Dominguez, President and CEO of ALHI, who has been advocating for the events industry for over 30 years, dive into the latest 2023, 4th Quarter Industry Survey results on the current state of business events and meetings/conventions.  What is the trends from 2023 that can propel business strategies for 2024 planning and preparation.  Come hear the outlook and forecast, even before the results are published in The Meeting Professional magazine for the November/December 2023 Issue. 

In this session, you will...
• Review the forecast for events in 2024, including budget expectations, attendance, and business conditions.
• Deep dive into trends that matter and discuss the next evolution for events.  

Learn how these trends affect you and your business and the future of your meetings.

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Speaker: Tara Liaschenko

What is Dynamic Leadership and what key is essential in being a successful and dynamic leader?  We all have times where we are called into leadership roles and the ability to skillfully delegate is often what separates leaders and dynamic leaders.

This program will include active, learn by doing opportunities to hone your approach and thought process related to delegation.  Identify the importance of empowerment, initiative, and the creation of a culture of dignity. 

Understand the power of communicating for influence and its importance to dynamic leadership.  Lastly participate in a solution focused, problem-solving, experiential brainstorming session, using the collective knowledge of your peers to solve your delegation obstacles. 

You will leave with the tools for delegation as well as the importance of strategies vs. tactics and the role they play in leadership.   

Come join us for your Dynamic Leadership journey!



Speaker: Carolina Panoff

We are going to delve into the essence of true authenticity and discover how to cultivate confidence and empowerment through embodiment and movement. We will learn how to recognize the gift that each part of us has to offer.

Life often resembles a roller coaster, with its ups and downs. In our society, we've been trained to believe that the "down" moments somehow diminish us or bring shame.

In reality, these are the moments that hold the key to authenticity and embracing our true power. We will learn how to overcome imposter syndrome, overwhelm, amongst other blocks that keep us playing small in our professional and personal lives through embracing Authenticity. 


Speaker: Storycraft Lab,  Google Xi Community Moderators

How do we design to build belonging? There is a lot of talk - and agreement - that Belonging is important, but we are here to move from talk to action! Manifesting and measuring Belonging in our projects requires a consistent approach and application.

In this interactive CoLab, Naomi Clare Crellin and Storycraft Lab will share recent work at Xi to develop a Belonging Playbook for event designers. They'll outline a process for defining the Belonging Value Definitions for your audience - and how these reveal the Belonging Pathways to guide your event design.

They'll invite participants to workshop a design for Belonging - and highlight the Google Xi and MPI partnership to extend this invitation to a global series of workshops launching in November. 

Learning objectives

  •  Learn a step by step process for Belonging Centered Design that you can use with your projects and teams
  • Test tools like the Valuegraphics Belonging Index and the Wheel of Belonging
  • Receive and Contribute ideas and techniques for Designing Belonging - you could be featured in the Belonging Playbook!

Speaker: Ryan Morris

Come check out this engaging session from our partners at Groups 360 on a new instant booking tool.  Learn how to elevate your organization’s operational efficiencies in event booking!

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Wednesday | October 18

Booth education in session from 10:00 am until 3:30 pm.

Speaker: Mark Cooper

Understanding how the meeting space needs to be presented to enhance the  learning & networking, and utimately the goals & objectives of meetings & events. The 2023 research focuses on business events under 200 attendees and looks at what meeting spaces need to offer their clients today and into 2024.   

Speaker: Rachel Andrews

Leading organizations are increasingly leveraging external communities to foster engagement, strengthen relationships and drive business growth through increased satisfaction, advocacy, innovation and market insights. In fact, 86 percent of customers say they are more likely to remain loyal to a company with a strong community, according to Salesforce. And creating communities for customers has been proved to build engagement, loyalty and brand advocacy. Organizations recognize the power of fostering belonging and collaboration among customers, clients and members, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes for all.

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Speaker: Leanne Calderwood

LinkedIn has become the go-to social media platform for meetings and events professionals, yet many misconceptions exist about LinkedIn.  Come learn how the platform has changed, how professionals are using it to grow their brands and opportunities and start putting the platform to work for YOU!

Speaker: Wendy Cliff and Ksenija Polla

Join us for an insightful interview on mental health in the workplace and its impact on the meetings industry. We'll discuss striking a healthy work-life balance and delve into key considerations for meeting planners when prioritising the mental health and wellness of their delegates.

Explore how the post-pandemic world has reshaped our approach to these topics and discover the importance of educating ourselves about new considerations we may have overlooked in the past.

This engaging conversation is tailored for both workplace and meeting industry professionals, offering valuable insights and best practices without claiming to be expert advice.

Learner Outcomes:
Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of mental health in the workplace and its implications for meetings and events.
Identify key strategies for achieving a healthy work-life balance and discover how these can be integrated into meeting planning for delegate wellness.
Recognize the significant changes in priorities and considerations for meeting planners in the post-pandemic world and learn how to adapt to these shifts to create more inclusive and supportive events.


Speaker: Devon Pasha

A good conversation can shift the direction of change. Learn what it takes to systematically design innovative events using #EventCanvas™️. Hear from the creators of the methodology firsthand with case studies on how this is being applied by CEDs - Certified Event Designers across the globe.

Speaker: Cat Kevern

Approaching a decade after she entered the industry, trailblazing female event professional, Cat Kevern, will share her invaluable insights and experiences from running her own business and freelancing in the world of events and marketing, to being chair of NOWIE (The Network of Women in Events).

Join Cat for an enriching session filled with practical takeaways, key learnings and great anecdotes, as she inspires the next generation. You can even stick around for a networking opportunity that promises to expand your industry connections.

Thursday | October 19

Booth education in session from 10:00 am until 1:30 pm.

Speaker: Olivia Breene

Recent research with event attendees reveals that, when not looking at their phones, delegates are nodding off and having 40 winks!.. Join Olivia Breene from AVCOM, the premium event production agency that undertook the research, as they unpack this impartial, unfiltered, straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth report. This thought-provoking session sets out what attendees are now experiencing. It provides a perfect starting point for understanding how to create events that keep attendees at the edge of their seats, immersed and fully engaged in the event.

Speaker: Daliha/Vivan

As an event professional, you know that planning successful events requires careful consideration of potentially critical risks. So let’s explore

How risk-averse or risk-tolerant are you?
Why are you still designing programs like you did in 2015?
Engage with our speakers in a discussion about how you can conduct a personal risk assessment and evaluate how much risk you are willing to take. 

We'll ask you to reflect on your past event plans and designs and evaluate how much risk you dealt with. Did you play it safe, or did you push the envelope? 

We'll also discuss how to assess risk when planning new events, incorporating new ideas, and exploring new revenue opportunities. Let’s also explore how your risk-taking personality ties into that of your organization, and how to get top-down support for responsible boundary-pushing.

Our speakers will teach you the right questions to ask yourself in order to come up with a blueprint for your own risk planning. 
In this session, you'll leave with more control over your risk profile by learning how to identify and assess risks in order to better mitigate them or eliminate unacceptable risks entirely.
This will be fun and enlightening for you! 

Speaker: Donny Neufuss

Smart Monday just got smarter. In this cutting-edge session, we'll explore how MPI and Smart Monday used Sonic Foundry and their AI tools to bring event session recaps and analysis.

With the rapid advancements in AI technology, we now have the capability to process and distill vast amounts of event data into concise, insightful summaries. Join us as we leverage AI tools to recap Smart Monday!

Speaker: Jessie States

As meeting professionals skill up to greet the new age of meetings and events, it’s more important than ever to re-evaluate and update the defined value proposition for bringing people together. 

What is the purpose of a meeting, if not to meet with people (subject matter experts, peers, community members and customers)? And if that is the primary purpose of an event, shouldn’t it be the lens through which we design experiences that matter for our participants, stakeholders, clients and organizations?

As we seek to connect people in meaningful ways, what techniques can be applied to the elements of our events to ensure those connections are purposefully designed and executed? Explore the science of breaking the “hallway conversation” out of its corridor and into the rest of our spaces. Join this discussion and leave equipped with power to create meaningful engagement for all attendees and stakeholders.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Articulate the new value proposition for in-person meetings and events.
  • Utilize new formats to create engagement among attendees.
  • Facilitate networking that is meaningful for all participants.

Speaker: Tim Luepke

Join MPI’s new Director of Education for the Academy in how he pursued life long learning through a lenses of a servant’s heart. 

Explore with him along his life-long journey of connecting the head to the heart – finding ways through experiential and formal education to become an empathic leader for this industry. 

In this session, you will learn how to tap into your strengths, align with vision for “what’s next” and sit in something he calls “liminal space” – the tension of “no longer and not yet”.   Your heart and your career depend on it!