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Michel Wohlmuth - MPI Mexico

By Michel Wohlmuth | Jul 19, 2019

I wanted to be a firefighter when I was growing up, but my first job was being a math teacher.

I started in the event industry as a dealer at Fantasy Casinos. The goal of these events was for attendees to play with fantasy tickets that they could exchange for prizes. The function of the dealer was to teach them to play and have a great time. Years later, I started doing parties for university students in discotheques, and the next step was to organize the same parties for companies.

The most memorable moment of my career was when I organized the mass of Pope Francis in Mexico City in 2016 for 300,000 people, interacting with government, security and church institutions.

My dream when I started Creatividad was to organize the Olympics. That’s still my dream.

The biggest challenge in my career is executing events with zero errors.

I do not see myself doing anything other than organizing events. I believe that all of us who work in the meeting industry are a little bit crazy. Adrenaline fuels us, our work is our passion. We are crazy and we love to create!

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from incredible people who distinguished themselves by the passion, creativity and quality of their projects. Twenty-three years ago, my father introduced me to Maria Luisa López Corzo, the owner of the company that organized Fantasy Casinos. She told me about MPI, and that I should be part of it and bring MPI to Mexico. With Maria Luisa, I learned the importance of service, creativity and creating a different and unique atmosphere for attendees at the events. Another person who inspired my career was Carlos Santos, commercial director of Canto Nuevo, the most valuable company at the time in the organization of concerts and shows. From him, I learned the art of negotiation and the magic of creating something wonderful to generate a memorable impact with the audience.

Our industry can achieve a better world through events, just like the MPI slogan says, “When We Meet, We Change the World.” Our ultimate goal should be to ensure that people who attend our events collaborate in caring for the world and in generating positive relationships that eradicate hatred and envy. Ultimately, the challenge for the meeting planner will be to create events with innovative concepts, improving the quality of life of the individual and of society.

I unwind after work by going to the movies, spending time with family, watching TV or just getting sleep.

I have three kids: Alex, 21; Ximena, 18; and Dana, 15. They are my reason for being. My parents died in 1998, and I have a brother 10 years older than me, and he is a great person.

The best advice someone gave me was that in the end, you are alone, so take care of yourself and work to help others. Dream. Believe. Dare. Do!

I would tell someone considering a career in meetings and events to dedicate themselves to organizing events only, and only if you are passionate about making events.



Michel Wohlmuth.
Michel Wohlmuth

Michel Wohlmuth is the owner of Creatividad, an independent meeting and event organizer in Mexico City. He joined MPI in 1995 and is chair of the MPI Latin American Advisory Council. He received the MPI Chair Award at the 2019 World Education Congress in Toronto.