The impact of WEC: Attendees from around the world share thoughts

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The impact of WEC: Attendees from around the world share thoughts

By Blair Potter | Jun 23, 2022

“It’s important for our industry, our partners and our community to support MPI. MPI is invested in supporting our members during the pandemic and we want to show our resilience by attending WEC. Our industry and our communities have been heavily impacted, so it’s imperative that we show we can meet safely while engaging with our customers, peers and friends, and to gather and rekindle our network and our relationships.”

Melanie Cook

Director of Global Sales, MGM Resorts International

MPI British Columbia Chapter


“I think in general it’s even more important to come back and reconvene, to meet at these major events. Over the last two years, we have come to the conclusion that meetings make us thrive. And we have found out over time that the ‘why’ is becoming more and more important, and I think that’s also part of the content here at WEC in San Francisco. Why should we have a meeting? The question is very valid, and the answer is very clear: In order to be able to exchange ideas and because we want to change behavior. And we can best do that by meeting face to face.”

Gerrit Jessen
Gerrit Jessen, CMP, CMM, CED

Director Germany, Event Design Collective GmbH

MPI Germany Chapter


“‘When we meet, we change the world.’ We are an industry that primarily depends on human interaction, and we were one of the most affected by the pandemic. As the world recovers, meeting like we are is a sign of hope to our clients, our suppliers and our employees. The disruption of the pandemic to me reaffirmed that face to face can never totally be replaced. So being here is kind of a reaffirmation really, because our industry and the world have gone through too much. So, this is us now saying we are back.”

Mulemwa Moongwa
Mulemwa Moongwa, CMM

Managing Director, MICE Academy Zambia

MPI Africa Club Project


“For me, it’s about networking and education. I think this is the right place if you want to understand what’s changing in the world and what’s changing from the attendee’s perspective in terms of their needs. This is the right place to be if you want to be avant-garde, to be up to date regarding all the trends and insights you need to understand in order to thrive.”

Igor Tobias
Igor Tobias

Managing Director, MCI Group

MPI Brazil Club


“In general, to recover from the period we’ve just gone through, it’s definitely important to connect, it’s definitely important to cooperate and it’s definitely important to participate. So that’s the real importance of being here at WEC, as is showing that this is part of a community and for the community to be successful, you need to give to get something back. And if you’re not prepared to give and to participate, then you’re going to lose a lot of opportunities that you can have being part of the MPI community.”

Luca Vernengo
Luca Vernengo, CED

General Manager, GVST Event Experts

MPI Italia Chapter



Blair Potter
Blair Potter

Blair Potter is managing editor for The Meeting Professional. He likes toys and collects cats (or is it the other way around?).