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Overcome uncertainty and create a path for future success

April 9, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

About this online meeting: Move through uncertainty and fear and develop a strong mindset, stay focused and stay competitive during these challenging times for the event industry.

In this webinar you will learn 

  • Proven focus strategies to stay productive despite the feelings of overwhelm, confusion and worry

  • How to create and execute a plan to still be competitive and stay ahead of the curve in the shifting economy as an event professional

  • A proven system to be organized, prepared and build long-term resilience to face changes

 Learning outcomes:

>> Focus techniques to stay focused and productive (not busy)

>> Mindset and mindfulness strategies to process emotions, uncertainty and fear so that you can keep working to stay ahead of the curve

>> Planning and project management strategies and tools to create and execute your plan so you can stay competitive in the event industry

>> Guided exercises and tutorials during the webinar

>> A workbook to immediately implement what you learn and take action 


Francesca Paschetta is a productivity and time-management coach for high-performing professionals and teams. She helps corporate professionals and freelancers take back their time and energy so they can stay productive and gain a competitive edge in the shifting economy. She also helps them achieve higher satisfaction and fulfilment in their personal and professional life, by guiding them to find the right middle ground between structure and flexibility so they can live a lifestyle they love.

Francesca’s work is based on a system that she has developed over the years, it’s completely tailored to the individual and it’s based on 3 key pillars for sustainable productivity and long-term resilience: task and project management systems, time and energy management and mindset.  

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