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Beer and chocolate tasting (hybrid event)

27 October, 2020
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Hybrid event, venue TBC


    We have all tried popular pairings before: wine and chocolate, wine and cheese or even beer and cheese. But have you ever tried to match beer and chocolate? MPI Belgium is proud to present a hybrid beer and chocolate tasting for your excited taste buds in collaboration with Werner Callebaut from Bierolade. For Werner this combination is nothing new. He's been in love with this unusual marriage between two Belgian culinary giants and will - with the help of some excellent storytelling - enlighten us too.
    How can we organise a hybrid tasting? We are welcoming a group of participants to join us live on first comes first served basis. Those who prefer to follow online, will have the opportunity to buy a beer package which will be delivered to their homes*, or only follow the interesting presentation mixed with stories and anecdotes. 


    • What an excellent pair beer and chocolate make
    • Stories about the Belgian beer heritage 
    • Tips and tricks about temperature, cellars and fridges 
    • A great team building experience for your next event


    Werner Callebaut, Bierolade

    Don't forget to take your ticket and package on time! 

    - Registration for live participation is on a first-comes first-served basis until we reach maximum capacity. (Location to be confirmed)
    - Registration with package delivery is open until 5 October in order to guarantee the delivery before the event.
    - Registration for online participation without package will be open until the start of the event.

*Please note that tickets including the beer & chocolate package are only available to people living in Benelux, France or Germany.

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