European Meetings and Events Conference 9-11 February 2020
Push your boundaries as a meeting & event professional and design the next generation of astonishing, world-changing events.
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helmikuuta 9, 2020 9:00 - helmikuuta 11, 2020 1:00 | Sevilla,



International Industry Events




500 years ago, Iberian explorers, Magellan and Elcano set sail from Sevilla, returning three years later having achieved an astonishing maritime feat -the first circumnavigation of the globe, proving that Earth is round and not flat. We invite you to join us this February to gather with fellow European colleagues -and colleagues from around the world -to follow in the footsteps of great explorers to push your boundaries as a meeting and event professional and to design the next generation of astonishing, world-changing events.


MPI Global Events


World Education Congress

Authentic events depend on the authenticity of their location. Tha's why Grapevine, Texas, is the perfect setting for MPI's 2020 World Education Congress. It turns the notion of "big Texas" on its side and shows the genuine hospitality of the Lone Star State. Through modern, vibrant event education -combined with the unique charm of Grapevine -we'll demonstrate what it means to produce the authenticity that people crave from meetings and events.

The food will be locally-sourced -and locally flavored -and the sights, sounds and sensations will not only make you smile, they'll deliver with a smile from the friendliest, most genuine people on the planet.

The result is a memorable, authentic experience unlike any other. Which is exactly what attendees expect from WEC.

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Through the MPI Academy and MPI events, you’ll have access to cutting-edge education and event planning certification programs that enhance critical job skills. 


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