Why Become a Sponsor

The MPI Greater Calgary Chapter offers sponsors a dedicated marketing channel guaranteed to reach hundreds of event and meeting professionals in Calgary and Alberta. We pride ourselves on strong partnerships with organizations that believe in the value of events, conferences and meetings and there are many reasons for you to get involved:

Demonstrate your organization’s commitment and dedication to the meeting and event industry in Calgary, Alberta and western Canada.

Position your organization as vendor or service provider of choice for meeting and event professionals involved in producing and managing Western Canada’s most prominent corporate, not for profit and association events.

Reward and retain current employees, clients, staff and partners through the educational and networking opportunities provided by MPI Greater Calgary Chapter.

Allow your organization and staff to network with the meeting and events community, MPI Greater Calgary Chapter Board of Directors, committees, partners and event attendees to build your prospective client base and generate sales leads.


How We Will Build Your Brand

As an MPI Greater Calgary Chapter sponsor and corporate partner, you benefit from a wide variety of branding opportunities as we promote the chapter and our events. Here is a breakdown of our marketing activities that will include your brand:

E-mail campaign: The chapter and its sponsors will be promoted via a series of email communications sent directly to the inboxes of hundreds of industry professionals.

Social Media: The chapter and its sponsors will be promoted via the MPI Greater Calgary Chapter social media channels. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn)

On-Site Displays: Sponsor logos will be featured on a variety of on-site signage and digital presentation formats.

On-Site Integration of Brand: Branding of the event venues using décor, signage, and electronic displays to ensure excellent brand recognition and connection with the audience.

Complimentary Event Passes: Give your staff the opportunity to connect with event attendees & MPI Greater Calgary Chapter membership to generate sales leads and meet potential clients.



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