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MPI Greater New York Affiliate Membership

The MPI Greater New York Chapter is pleased to offer Affiliate Memberships available to Preferred or Premier Members of MPI in good standing with a primary affiliation with another chapter.


What’s it all about? 

You’re a member of another MPI Chapter. You have clients, customers, or programs that bring you to the Greater New York region throughout the year.


Why not become an Affiliate Member of the MPI Greater New York Chapter while you’re at it?


Affiliate Memberships allow MPI members to have close connections with another chapter and have numerous benefits, including:

  • Invitation to MPI Greater New York Chapter’s education programs and networking events throughout the year, at the member rate.

  • Access to MPI Greater New York Chapter member lists.

  • Building relationships and connections in another chapter by attending events or volunteering on a committee - these are great ways to expand your network!

  • Every benefit you receive at your primary MPI chapter is offered at your Affiliate chapter.


All the while, you maintain your primary membership at your home MPI chapter! 


The fee for an Affiliate Membership is $80 per year. Not only is this nominal compared to a primary membership, the return-on-investment is invaluable. 


Does this sound like a good idea? Just click the button below to complete your application to MPI Greater New York Chapter as an Affiliate member!

Are you interested in joining other chapters as an Affiliate Member? Click on their links below to complete your application at the same $80 rate: 



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