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How to Remove Hierarchy During Meetings - And Why It’s Important!

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By: Meet at Inc. Team | Jan 31, 2019

To get the maximum amount of creative problem solving and motivation from your team, you should aim to eliminate hierarchy during meetings. By dismantling hierarchy, your team will no longer dread meetings and instead feel excited for the opportunity to contribute to the growth of your organization!

  • Eliminate Status - Higher ranking roles should be held to the same standards as everyone else on their team. Each employee should have the opportunity to make as many decisions as possible. When as many people as possible are given more responsibility, employees become more productive and the company as a whole is able to better adapt to change.
  • Switch Up Seating Arrangements - Take your meetings out of a conference room with heads of the table to a place with soft seating such as couches in an open circle. Placing employees on a level playing field will allow communication barriers to be broken. Step back as a boss or team leader and let others take control of the meeting, further allowing your team to bond. This sense of impartiality will promote equal levels of respect across the organization.
  • Promote Inclusivity - Micromanagement discourages productivity and creativity. Let your coworkers know that you value their opinion! When younger team members feel equal to senior leaders, they also feel more engaged and empowered to solve problems.

By eliminating hierarchy, you will encourage team building and create a culture of support that drives your business forward!

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