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CMP Spotlight: Jaime Smith

Jaime Smith

By: Christina Kane | Dec 7, 2022

Organization: Choice Live

Email: jaime@choice.live

LinkedIN:  www.linkedin.com/in/jaimetheresa/

How did you get into the meeting industry? 

I was one who “fell” into it after filling in for our Business Admin position at the Indiana Youth Institute in 2003, helping to procure the signage for our 500 person ½ day conference. That responsibility grew throughout the years, partnering with our program team lead to ultimately coordinate all the logistics and truly run the days of the conference, which became a 1500 person conference over 3 days. Hearing of the PEC North America Conference within that timeframe (back in 2005), I was able to attend, learn that there was an Indiana Chapter, and well… that’s all she wrote. I was hooked on MPI and just had to get my CMP and continue perfecting my experience and influence.

What advice would you give to someone considering the CMP and/or someone preparing to take the exam?

To all, go for it. Do the homework, collaborate and plan for what it is… a test, and once you get it, maintain your CEU’s. It has changed since I took it… it’s not so much JUST by the book, but rather how we do it in real life scenarios with expertise and knowledge behind us.

To the suppliers, I recommend it if you are wondering if it’s truly worth it, as there are many times when planners might lean more on you than their experience to do the job right, and that is valuable for you, your organization, and ultimately the job with the client.

To the planners, definitely get it. Experienced CMP’s are what our industry needs to keep advocating for doing great work for our companies in venues and with vendors in a way that elevates our industry.



Christina Kane
Marketing Coordinator at Worley Erhart-Graves Financial Advisors



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