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CMP Practice Questions & Answers


From 4/16/21 Monday Minute:

What are the six possible objectives of an event website?


A. Increase attendance, optimize data flow, sell more booth space and

sponsorships, attract speaker, generate press coverage, create new revenue opportunities

B. Picking new menu options, seat arrangements,

finding best local restaurants, booking hotel rooms, finding local news, generating polls

C. Finding partners, picking study sessions, finding seat arrangements, watching educational videos, getting new weather information, ordering pizza

Correct Answer: A


What are the four ways an event website can be used to generate revenue?

A.Food orders, ordering AV, booking hotel rooms, booking ground transportation

B.Selling online sponsorship opportunities, producing sponsored and pay-per-view opportunities, delivering online educational programs, selling books and tapes

C. Ordering study materials, gaming opportunities, redirect to pay for play websites, finding nearest restaurants

Correct Answer: B

Why is it beneficial to build an online community for your audience?

A.To establish well known social media presence

B. Creating revenue streams through partnerships

C.Enabling participants to communicate through online channels increases that they will be interested in meeting each other

Correct Answer: C



From 3/22/21 Monday Minute:

Declared Value is defined by:


  1. The total value of cumulative room nights for an event.
  2. The shipper’s stated value of entire shipment.
  3. The total value of concessions provided by the hotel.
  4. The total value that an event is estimated to bring into the hotel.
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following is NOT a definition of Collateral?


  1. The promotional material used by the salespeople to support or corroborate the features and benefits of the item being sold.
  2. Collective term for material distributed to attendees at registration, including badges, lanyards, tote bags, agenda and other materials.
  3. The process whereby exhibitors receive a potential customer’s contact information in a standardized manner.
  4. Assets that can be pledged to guarantee a loan.


Correct Answer: C


A Peripheral Block’s consumed room nights should be credited to the main event’s total room nights for historical tracking purposes. A peripheral block may be used to help offset attrition charges against the Event- Contracted Block.

  1. True
  2. False

Correct Answer: True

A banquet round for 8 people is usually how many inches in diameter?


  1. 60
  2. 62
  3. 72
  4. 78
Correct Answer: A

Total economic impact divided by direct spending is called:

  1. Economic Impact
  2. Induced Spending
  3. Economic Multiplier
  4. Direct Spending
Correct Answer: C



From 2/22/21 Monday Minute:

Identify the type of service style - Specific food items are prepared and served tableside.

  1. Butler Service

  2. Plated Service

  3. Russian Service

  4. French Service

Correct Answer: D



An SOP is a checklist that ensures team members perform tasks with consistency and meet anticipated outcomes. What does SOP stand for?

  1. Standard Operating Plan

  2. Standard Operating Procedures

  3. Standard Operating Policy

  4. Standard Operating Process


Correct Answer: B


True or False: Mailed invitations, text messages, and emails are all forms of direct marketing.


Correct Answer: True

Which is NOT one of the phases of Design Thinking?

  1. Information

  2. Inspiration

  3. Ideation

  4. Implementation


Correct Answer: A



From 1/18/21 Monday Minute:

Contingency planning addresses the ability of the event professional to carry off the event as planned

True or False


Correct Answer: True


Which is NOT an important accounting tool?

  1. Income Statement
  2. Cash Handling Procedures
  3. Balance Sheet
  4. Cash Flow Statement 


Correct Answer: B


How far in advance of an event do you post job openings for volunteers and staff?

  1. One year
  2. 6 months
  3. 2 months
  4. 1 month


Correct Answer: C

What percentage would you use to order regular coffee for afternoon break with attendee ratio of 50/50 (before COVID)?

  1. 35%
  2. 20%
  3. 10%
  4. 70%
Correct Answer: A



From 12/21/20 Monday Minute:

Examples of qualitative feedback include all of the following except:

  1. Survey Questions
  2. Open Ended Questions
  3. Focus group discussions
  4. Review of learning objectives 


Correct Answer: D

A Leko light provides for:

  1. Washed out light.
  2. Focused beam.
  3. Softer beam and focused.
  4. Backlight


Correct Answer: B


How far in advance of an event should you provide the event facility with your accounting requirements?

  1. One year
  2. 6 months
  3. At time of contract
  4. Arrival for event


Correct Answer: A

A chain of activities that must begin on time and stay on track in order to achieve project milestones and ultimately execute the project on time is called:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Procurement Processing
  3. Critical Path
  4. Event Mapping
Correct Answer: C

The CEO has approached the meeting professional to design a new program to bring his employees up to date with current technology. What will be the MOST effective way to accomplish this objective?

  1. Needs analysis
  2. Acquire feedback from similar organizations
  3. Survey the membership
  4. Conduct focus groups
Correct Answer: A



From 11/23/20 Monday Minute:

What are the APEX/ASTM, ISO 20121 and GRI IOSS?

  1. Acronyms for hospitality industry association

  2. Acronyms for lower tiered events, also known as SMERF

  3. Acronyms for major sustainable event standards and protocols

  4. Acronym of events that are associated with the military market

Correct Answer: C

ROI for an event is calculated in a percentage by using the formula ROI (%) = Net Monetary Benefits/Meeting Costs x100.

  1. True

  2. False



Correct Answer: True


A circumstance in which a contractual obligation is excused due to a factor not within the control of either party that makes performance impossible or commercially impracticable is called a:

  1. Attrition Clause

  2. Dispute Resolute Clause

  3. Force Majeure

  4. Indemnification


Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is NOT included in the definition of Pacing?

  1. The rate of activity such as the presentation of a meal or tour itinerary.

  2. The scheduling of activities within an itinerary or meeting program to make for a realistic balance of travel time, educational programming, social events, tours, free time and rest.

  3. Rate at which transportation is operating which includes turnaround time between stops.

  4. Rate at which reservations are being made with respect to the percent of the total rooms booked measured at different time periods and compared to past events.

Correct Answer: C



From 10/19/20 Monday Minute:

When implementing a Risk assessment/Risk Identification plan, what 4 steps should be taken?

a) Accept the risk, Collect input from stakeholders, Develop the plan based on input, Implement the plan

b) Evaluate the risk, Create a taskforce, Develop a risk management policy, Report action taken to stakeholders, 

c) Create a risk assessment to identify risks, Analyze the risks, Develop a risk management plan, Develop a crisis response plan

d) Send the risk immediately to a third party for recommendations, Communicate to stakeholders actions taken, Review results of the evaluation report, Implement recommendations.


Correct Answer: C

What type of budget should be utilized, if there is no financial history in relation to the event or meeting? 

a) Incremental Budget

b) Zero-Based Budget

c) Profit & Loss Budget

d) Break-Even Budget



Correct Answer: B


What is Fresnel?

a) a light source which is a focused beam of light that can be shaped and controlled

b) a less focused or shaped lighted used to wash the broader area with an even light

c) a fabricated insert that can further shape the light into a graphic or scenery

d) a softer, beam focusing light


Correct Answer: D

Which one of the following is NOT one of the 4 R's when implementing a sustainable management plan? 

a) Reallocate

b) Reduce

c) Rethink

d) Recycle

Correct Answer: A



From 9/21/20 Monday Minute:

Instead of 2,056, you wrote 2,065 in an online publication. The error has gone unnoticed so far. You should:

(a)    Correct the error after another higher-priority work has been completed and notify your supervisor.

(b)   Immediately have the error corrected and notify your supervisor.

(c)    Notify your supervisor immediately, explain that you noticed an error and seek advice.

(d)   Determine if the error is significant enough to warrant correction.


Correct Answer: B

To be successful, an organization’s culture should:

(a)    Be shaped to support its mission and strategy.

(b)   Evolve naturally based on employees’ values and preferences.

(c)    Remain independent of the operating strategy.

(d)   Be the same as other organizations in the same industry.



Correct Answer: A


For communication about corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues to be effective, it must:

(a)    Focus on an organization’s positive environmental impact.

(b)   Be aligned with an organization’s corporate strategy and values.

(c)    Target customers and investors in publicly traded organizations.

(d)   Focus mainly on an organization’s investments in the community.


Correct Answer: B

SWOT, as in SWOT analysis, stands for:

(a)    Stakeholders, Work plans, Objectives and Tools

(b)   Solutions, Weaknesses, Obstacles, and Threats

(c)    Strategies, Work plans, Objectives and Timelines

(d) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Correct Answer: D



From 8/17/20 Monday Minute:

What is the difference between a convention center and conference center?

A)       Convention Center is always by itself and a conference center is always attached to a hotel.

B)       Convention center- public assembly facility, often owned by a city, or government.  Conference center- provides dedicated environment for meetings.

C)      Convention Center is always bigger than a conference center

Correct Answer: B


What features of most hotels do conference centers typically not provide?  

A)       Typically do not have exhibit halls, ballrooms, large banquet rooms, on-site restaurants, and other features found in hotels.

B)       Conference Centers do not provide banquet servers

C)      Conference centers do not provide parking.


Correct Answer: A



What are the five main types of hotels that are used for events?

A) Hostels, Shared, AirBnB, Bed and Breakfast, Barracks

B) Boutique, Cabins, Casinos, Luxury, Metro

C) Full-service, airport, mid-level, limited-service, resort


Correct Answer: C



From 6/15/20 Monday Minute:

Your response plan should include at a minimum:

  1. Names and phone numbers of the individuals who will start the chain of command for your emergency protocol

  2. Step-by-step instructions for the initial response to the adverse events and emergencies you decide to address

  3. The venue’s emergency protocol plan outlining what the venue’s staff is responsible for implementing

  4. First aid information

Correct Answer: B

A clause that protects the parties in the event that a contract cannot be performed because of causes that are outside of the control of the parties and cannot be avoided is:

  1. Indemnification

  2. Cancellation

  3. Force Majeure

  4. Attrition


Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is NOT true about a contract:

  1. It essentially allocates risk among parties

  2. It is an attempt to create a business relationship in which each party needs the other party to cooperate

  3. Contains terms and conditions that are intended to protect the interests of both parties.

  4. A contract must be a formal written document.


Correct Answer: D


A contract does not have to be a formal written document. In some circumstances, an oral agreement can exist that obligates the parties equally as a written contract. Note, though, that the parties to an oral contract often have different recollections, which can lead to disputes



From 5/11/20 Monday Minute:

An RFP is:

  1. A ‘Right for Planning’ which should be sent by the event planner to the venue for which they are planning an event.

  2. A ‘Right for Planning’ which should be sent by the event planner to the convention and visitors bureau.

  3. A ‘Right for Planning’ which should be sent by the contract consultant to contractors.

  4. A ‘Request for Proposal’ which should be sent by the show managers to contractors.

Correct Answer: D

Elements of an event that can be measured in emotional currency are:

  1. Never considered a must-have; must-haves are only items like the space for the event, staffing, and permits.

  1. Never considered a must-have; must-haves can be stretched beyond the hard costs for the event to include those things necessary to make it a success, like PR and advertising, but not to include items that are measured by how they touch the senses of the guests.

  2. Sometimes considered a must-have.

  3. Always considered a must-have.


Correct Answer: C



What is one factor for international meetings that is impossible to outweigh with benefits?

  1. Jet lag

  2. Currency exchange

  3. Attendee profile

  4. Attendee’s attention span



Correct Answer: C



From 4/13/20 Monday Minute:

What percentage of parking spaces should be designated for people with disabilities?
A.  2%
B.  4%
C.  6%
D.  8%

Correct Answer: B

What is the correct slope of ADA ramps (how much rise per how much run)?
A.  1 inch of rise for every 24 inches
B.  1 inch of rise for every 48 inches
C.  1 inch of rise for every 60 inches
D.  1 inch of rise for every 12 inches


Correct Answer: D



How wide should doorways, hallways, and clearance on one side of a bed be to allow wheelchairs to pass through?
A.  24 inches
B.  32 inches
C.  48 inches
D.  60 inches



Correct Answer: B

What is the maximum height that flush controls in restaurants be mounted?
A.  32 inches
B.  44 inches
C.  48 inches
D.  50 inches

Correct Answer: B



From 3/16/20 Monday Minute:

Government meeting planning should involve consulting:
A) The GSA Schedule
B) The EPA Schedule
C) The ABC’s of Scheduling Guide

Correct Answer: A

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an example of:
A) A consumer show
B) A trade show
C) An educational show
D) A symposium


Correct Answer: B



Gathering competitive intelligence is:
A) Never a good reason for attending a tradeshow; companies should be there to network with other professionals, not to see what the competition has been up to
B) Never a good reason for attending a tradeshow; companies should be to increase their own products
C) One of the many reasons that companies attend tradeshows
D) The primary reason that most people attend tradeshows



Correct Answer: C



From 2/10/20 Monday Minute:

Event attendance has the greatest impact on which budgeted expenses?  

A) Fixed Costs
B) Food Costs

C) Variable Costs

D) AV Costs

E) Room Rental Costs

Correct Answer: C

To ensure event revenue covers all costs, what type of budget is required?

A) Functional Income Budget

B) Break Even Budget

C) Functional Expense Budget

D) Comprehensive Budget

E) Functional Income/Expense Budget


Correct Answer: E


Establishing registration fees is accomplished by completing which of the following?

A) Break Even Analysis

B) Functional Income/Expense Budget

C) Comprehensive Budget

D) Income and Expense Statement

E) Break Even Budget


Correct Answer: A

A gathering of all conference attendees in a single room is called?

A) Workshop

B)  Breakout Session

C)  Concert

D)  Plenary Session

E)  Networking


Correct Answer: D

The starting point for successful meeting planning is determining which of the following?

A)       Sources and Methods

B)      Goals and Objectives

C)      Learning Outcomes

D)     Budget

E)     Location
Correct Answer: B



From 1/13/20 Monday Minute:

What is the first step you should take in selecting a speaker?  

  1. Meet with your team

  2. Find how much price is for speaker

  3.  Look first at the educational objectives of the event

  4. Look at resumes and backgrounds of speakers

Correct Answer: C


How far in advance of an event should you begin searching for speakers?

  1. At least one month

  2. Once you find out how much your budget is

  3. Once you know where the venue is at

  4. As soon as event date is set


Correct Answer: D


What is the benefit of using a facilitator?

  1. So you don’t have to speak

  2. An expert at harvesting an audience’s wealth of knowledge and experience, thereby enhancing the value of the presentation for everyone.  

  3. Making your organization seem more professional

  4. Getting a third party perspective

Correct Answer: B




From 12/9/19 Monday Minute:

True or False: It’s a myth that green events cost more money.


Correct Answer: True. In fact, they make good business sense because the premise is to reduce, reuse or recycle.

Which of the following questions should be asked when establishing an organization’s commitment to having a green event?

  1. Why does the organization want to green an event?

  2. Is the organization willing to commit financially if necessary to support green event practices?

  3. What do the organization’s leaders see as the most important event components to green?

  4. All of the above


Correct Answer: D - All of the above



True or False: When implementing a green event for the first time, you should review the EIC’s Sustainable Event Standards and implement as many as possible at your event.


Correct Answer: False. While the EIC’s Sustainable Event Standards is a great resource to find ways to green your event, it is best to start with only one or two new practices with the intention of building on your success year after year.




From 11/11/19 Monday Minute:

True or False: The presence of an exclusive vendor means you will get a better price than if you have to request bids from multiple vendors.


Correct Answer: False. Exclusive vendors typically end up being more expensive

A volunteer coordinator should schedule what percentage over needed volunteers to cover assigned tasks?

  1. 10%

  2. 20%

  3. 30%

  4. 40%


Correct Answer: 30%. This will help guard against attrition and poor performance.



When planning an annual event, what two factors should you consider most?

  1. Available tours and menu options

  2. Group profile and history of program

  3. Education and programming

  4. Time of day and social functions



Correct Answer: B. Guests appreciate consistency but appreciate keeping things fresh.




From 10/14/19 Monday Minute:

Where on a survey should you put difficult or time-consuming questions?

A.       At the end of a survey.  

B.       At the beginning of a survey.

C.       In the middle of the survey.

D.      Throughout the survey.

Correct Answer: A

True or False: The two most common accounting methods in the events industry are cash accounting and receivable accounting.

Correct Answer: False

Cash Accounting & Accrual accounting

What are the three basic elements of a valid contract?

A.       An offer, negotiation, an acceptance

B.       An offer, an acceptance, consideration

C.       Negotiation, an acceptance, consideration

D.      Negotiation, consideration, signature

Correct Answer: B

An offer, an acceptance, consideration



From 9/16/19 Monday Minute:

What is the purpose of a carnet?

  1. To allow a party to temporarily send merchandise into a country for such purposes as display and demonstration without being responsible for paying duties.

  2. It is a customs document required in order to ship goods into France.

  3. The net value of a car being used as a demonstration model.

  4. It allows for merchandise to be sent into a country for demonstration and to be sold afterwards for a profit.

Correct Answer: A

If exhibitors have any questions about rules and regulations, what should they consult?

  1. The exhibitor manual.

  2. The exhibitor prospectus.

  3. The general manager of the venue.

  4. The hostess near their exhibit.

Correct Answer: A



From 8/12/19 Monday Minute:

Which of the following are stated purposes of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):

  1. To provide a clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities

  2. To provide clear, strong, consistent, enforceable standards addressing discrimination against individuals with disabilities

  3. To ensure that the federal government plays a central role in enforcing the standards on behalf of individuals with disabilities

  4. All of the above

Correct Answer: D

In the meeting & events industry, the ADA applies to:

  1. Meeting Organizers

  2. Meeting Planners

  3. Facility

  4. Meeting Organizers and Meeting Planners

Correct Answer: D - Meeting Organizers and Meeting Planners


The planner must ensure that all facilities meet standards; and that activities/programs meet established guidelines.

Information on attendees’ disabilities can best be obtained by:

  1. Surveys

  2. Email

  3. Registration Forms

  4. Membership Forms   

Correct Answer: C - Registration Forms


It is common to see a line for Special Dietary Needs but a form that clearly states a request for ALL special needs to be provided in advance will help ensure the best experience for attendees and alleviate the need for on-the-spot reactions by the host staff.



From 7/29/19 Monday Minute:

Typically, exhibitors who are offering food and beverage samples:

  1. Must have prior approval

  2. Must not exceed a certain amount per sample, or they must obtain prior approval

  3. Must have prior approval and must not exceed a certain sample size

  4. Must have alcoholic beverage and food management certifications

Correct Answer: C

A destination booking agreement is:

  1. One typically only used in international meeting planning.

  2. Between an event organizer and a hotel

  3. Between an event organizer and a CVB

  4. Between the hotel and a CVB

Correct Answer: B

The CIC defines ____ as “Any provision that aids the participation of a person with a disability, as long as it does not create a hazard to others, a major disruption in business or an undue financial or administrative burden.”

  1. An ADA provision

  2. An OSHA requirement

  3. Plausible possibility

  4. Reasonable accommodation

Correct Answer: D


From 6/24/19 Monday Minute:

What are the major categories of revenues and expenses for exhibitions?

  1. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

  2. Cost of hotel rooms, cost of meeting space, Food and Beverage minimums

  3. Facility rental, service contractors, freight or material handling, communications/promotions, management fee, temporary staffing, security, and registration costs.  

  4. None of the above

Correct Answer:

C.  Facility rental, service contractors, freight or material handling, communications/promotions, management fee, temporary staffing, security, and registration costs.  

On what two main bases do shippers calculate their pricing?

  1. Marshalling yard and bills of lading

  2. Current interest rates and inflation rates

  3. Invoices and past historical rates

  4. Overseas tariffs and currency exchange rates

Correct Answer:

A.  Marshalling yard and bills of lading

What is the minimum number of travelers ordinarily needed to win a discounted group airfare?

  1. 11

  2. 9

  3. 8

  4. 10

Correct Answer: D


From 6/3/19 Monday Minute:

True or False: A catering department or facility will typically prepare 3 to 5 percent above your guarantee.

Correct Answer: True

When selecting a ground transportation company, which of the following should be considered:

  1. Reputation

  2. References

  3. Number, size, type, condition and availability of vehicles

  4. All of the above

Correct Answer: D

How far off the floor must a screen be at a minimum?

  1. 3’

  2. 4’

  3. 5’

  4. Whatever the AV Company recommends

Correct Answer: B - 4’; While 5’ is preferable, for everyone to see, the screen has to be at least 4’.


From 5/13/19 Monday Minute:

How many cocktail servers are recommended for an event?

  1. 1 for every 100 attendees

  2. 1 for every 50 attendees

  3. 1 for every 75 attendees

  4. There is no recommendation    

Correct Answer: B

Ideally, one cocktail server is recommended for every 50 attendees and one wine steward for every 5 tables where wine service accompanies dinner.

What are 3 main reasons people attend an event?

  1. Food, drinks, networking

  2. Education, information, speaker

  3. Information, networking, recreation

  4. Topic, cost, meeting new people

Correct Answer: C

According to Alvin Toffler people attend for a variety of reasons, most of which fall into one of these categories.

What is one factor for international meetings that is impossible to outweigh with benefits?

  1. Jet lag

  2. Currency exchange

  3. Attendee profile

  4. Attendee’s attention span

Correct Answer: C


From 4/22/19 Monday Minute:

How can planners ensure large meetings or conferences have a positive environmental impact?

  1. Use of locally-sourced food and beverages

  2. Incorporating a community service activity in the agenda

  3. Maximizing use of public transportation in the host city

  4. All of the above

Correct Answer: D

Name the 3 themes of goals for an effective CSR-focused risk management policy?

  1. Responsibility, Liability, Jurisdiction

  2. Protect, Prepare, Process

  3. Identify, Assess, Develop

  4. People, Planet, Profit

Correct Answer: B - Protections of stakeholders, environments and host organization; Prepare for incidents and emergencies; Develop processes for risk identification/assessment/management and to evaluate/improve each strategy

A document used to address a variety of issues that are specific to the meeting and event industry is a

  1. Policy & Procedure Manual

  2. Curriculum Vitae

  3. Code of Conduct

  4. Conflict of Interest Statement

Correct Answer: C - Code of Conduct - A formal document that provides direction to individuals of an organization about expected behaviors.


From 4/1/19 Monday Minute:

Typically, exhibitors who are offering food and beverage samples:


  1. Must have prior approval.

  2. Must not exceed a certain amount per sample, or they must obtain prior approval.

  3. Must have prior approval and must not exceed a certain sample size.

  4. Must have alcoholic beverage and food management certifications.

Correct Answer is C.

Food and beverage attrition is:

  1. Never acceptable.

  2. Required to have a binding contract.

  3. Not required to have a binding contract.

  4. Always available.

Correct answer is C.

In writing a contract, it may help you to avoid a lawsuit if you:


  1. Intentionally write one-sided contracts.

  2. Include a waiver of subrogation.

  3. Consult an attorney.

  4. Leave a clause excusing you from any legal actions.

Correct answer is B.


From 3/11/19 Monday Minute:

What type of experience do most event attendees today want from an educational session?  

  1. Socializing, Education, and Vacation

  2. Experience, Travel, and Educational Credits

  3. Information, Networking, and Recreation

  4. None of the above

Correct Answer: C

Most event todays benefit from learning, creating new connections, and for recreation as well.  

What is the “law of effect” in terms of a guest experience at an event?   

  1. Suggests that people learn best in pleasant surroundings.  

  2. People tend to learn better by doing than by listening

  3. Motivation and the willingness to learn and do the right thing

  4. People with at least a college education learns better than other people

Correct Answer: A

Law of effect- suggests that people learn best in pleasant surroundings.  Law of exercise- people tend to learn better by doing than by listening. Law of readiness- motivation and the willingness to learn and do the right thing

What should be included in a letter of agreement with a speaker?  

  1. Monetary sums of money

  2. Complimentary dinner for the speaker and his family

  3. Travel arrangements, date-time-place of presentation, fees, cancellations policies, procedures, a/V requirements, legal implications, and whether you want the speaker to attend social events.  

  4. Hotel and AV contract

Correct Answer: C

This question asks for particular items in a contract for a speaker, not generalites.


From 2/18/19 Monday Minute:

How many people can comfortably fit at a 60” (5’) round table?

  1. 8
  2. 9
  3. 10
  4. 12

Correct Answer: A

A 60” round can seat up to 10 people but not comfortably.

Which of the following best describes a podium?

  1. A raised platform where a speaker stands when delivering his or her remarks

  2. A stand upon which a speaker may rest notes or books

  3. A raised platform usually above the floor of a hall or large room

  4. A raised platform

Answer: A

B = Lectern

C = Dais

D = Riser

A colloquium is:

  1. A Meeting of experts in a particular field, at which papers are presented and discussed by specialists on particular subjects with a view to making recommendations concerning problems under discussion

  2. An informal meeting for the purpose of discussion, usually of an academic or research nature, in order to ascertain areas of mutual interest through exchange of ideas.

  3. An interchange between an inner circle debating an issue and outer circle of observers.

  4. An intense, often hands-on learning experience, in which a limited number of attendees participate directly in learning a new skill or tackling an issue.

Correct Answer: B

A = Symposium

C = Fishbowl

D = Workshop


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