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KBC November Signature Event Series

November 17, 2021
11:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Clerestory at Greyline Station
801 N Limestone
Lexington, KY
Greg Jewell
Phone: 5024561851

Meeting Description:
Creating What Matters by Redstory
Join us on Wednesday, November 17th at Clerestory at Greyline for an experiential deep dive focusing on engagement, connection, and meaning.  We are thrilled to welcome President & Founder of Redstory, Michael Farrell, to Kentucky. 

During this interactive session, we’re taking you behind the scenes of the Redstory process that seamlessly guides projects to the finish line while removing stress from life and capturing data to prove impact. We’ll go over our four pillars of engagement and we’ll work together through a project with the ultimate goal of: What good will this create?

Learning Objectives:

1.       Learn the connections between brands and people that make an impact

2.       Learn how to guide projects to the finish line with less stress, while capturing data

3.       Learn the four pillars of engagement
1 Clock Hour/Domain I: Marketing (pending EIC approval)

About Michael Farrell, CTA:
Michael’s history in live events and entertainment began over 35 years ago. As a major label recording and touring artist and Graduate of the Middle Tennessee State University Recording Industry Management Program, Michael fully understands the difference between a live event and an immersive, branded experience.

In support of his role at Redstory, Michael fosters strategic customer relationships to develop deep knowledge and understanding of client requirements, needs, and budgets while demonstrating the organizations product and service offerings. Michael’s detailed leadership across cross-functional teams provides external and internal project stakeholders’ ongoing support, transformational advice and account oversight.

About Redstory:
Redstory exists to create powerful and emotional connections between brands and people that enable healthy change and create a lasting human impact.  We are driven to make a difference. Everything we do is created to activate people and positively impact their lives and the world.

About Clerestory at Greyline:
/ˈklirˌstôrē/ noun: a clerestory is a high section of wall that contains windows above eye level. The purpose is to admit light, fresh air, or both.

Housed in a former bus depot & inspired by the original architecture of the space, Clerestory was created to meet a need for large events. With an open layout surrounded by walls of original windows, our vision was to keep a nod to the origins of the building while accommodating up to 350 people in a fresh, elevated, yet industrial space. We simply cannot wait to host you & your guests.

Event Agenda:
11:30 am - Registration
12:00 pm - Welcome 
12:15 pm - Lunch 
12:30 pm - Immersive Presentation "Creating What Matters"                
1:30 pm - Activity
2:00 pm - Event Concludes, Optional Venue Tour 

Venue Details

Clerestory at Greyline Station

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