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Top Performing Chapter Award



Volunteer Driven

MPI KBC offers a number of leadership opportunities for chapter members. Whether your motivation is personal development, professional development or giving back to the industry, the chapter offers avenues for achieving all of these needs.


MPI KBC Board of Directors

board_workThe chapter is governed by a volunteer board that offers one-year terms for officer and director positions. The only position that requires more of a commitment is the president-elect/president/immediate past president positions, which requires a three-year commitment. 

A call for nominations is disseminated to all members in January and a slate is developed and voted on at the February meeting. The board term is July 1 through June 30 and the board is installed at a ceremony during Bravo!, the chapter's annual awards gala.

Click here to view position descriptions for the MPI KBC Board of Directors.


Committee Participation

MPI KBC is truly a volunteer-driven organization. While the chapter has professional management for handling the day-to-day business operations of the organization, the bulk of what makes the chapter run is handled by volunteers.

There are a number of committees and projects for which members can volunteer. 

Committees are traditionally formed in July (the beginning of the chapter year), but a member can join a committee at any time throughout the year. 


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