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Hybrid Meeting with MPI TN

January 19, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Greg Jewell
Phone: 5024561851 x1

Leveraging the Enneagram to Enhance Your Communication and Leadership Skills

Improving your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a leader, results in improved communication, team dynamics, and customer relations. The Enneagram is a personality assessment designed to help people better understand themselves and others. Unlike other popular personality tests, rather than putting you in a box, the Enneagram shows you the box you are already in, as well as how to get out. By taking time to learn about the Enneagram at work, leaders can improve communication and manage conflict, while building a team that thrives on each other’s differences.

1.    Establish the ability to eliminate the judgement and frustration with self and others that are a frequent element of leadership, by learning how to allow yourself to lead authentically, from your best self.  
2.    Learn how to effectively communicate and interact with your team and clients by developing a deep understanding of the motivations and reactions of yourself and those with whom you interact.
3.    Develop tools that allow yourself to let go of habitual patterns that hold you back, including Imposter Syndrome, by opening up to your own inherent gifts and strengths as a leader.   

Highly effective teams are made up of individuals with strong self-awareness, who understand and relate intentionally to co-workers, have an understanding of group and team dynamics and know how to harness their diverse gifts and strengths. Improve your EQ as a leader, resulting in improved communication, team dynamics and customer relations. Register today and learn how to lead and interact from your best self.

KBC MPI Agenda:

12:00 Welcome & Joint Chapter Announcements

12:15 Kim Rapach - Leveraging the Enneagram to Enhance Your Communication and Leadership Skills

1:15 Networking Breakouts (Rotate 3 times)

1:40 Thank you and Closing Message

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