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February 2019 MPI New Mexico Member Spotlight

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By: MPI New Mexico | Feb 27, 2019

Michael Lakoff
Headshot - Michael Lakoff

Where are you from? If you’re not from NM, tell us why you’ve settled here.
Born and raised in Indiana. 9 years in Chicago, 21 years in Charlotte, 8 years in Cincinnati and the balance in NM. I was on Task Force with Interstate Hotels with the Sheraton Airport and was taken by the community and culture. We decided to make the move shortly after finishing my Task Force.

Where do you work, and what’s your title? How long have you worked there?
I was working as DOS for Visit Albuquerque. I made the move across the street from the Hyatt last fall. Best move ever! 

How long have you been a member of MPI?
10 years with the MPI Carolinas Chapter and 5 years with the MPI Ohio Chapter.

Why MPI? What does your membership mean to you?
MPI has allowed me to grow personally and professionally by allowing me to give of my talents and benefit from the talents of others. Our industry requires great relationships in order to exceed and MPI is one of the best organizations to foster those relationships.

Tell us about your passions; in and out of the office.
In the office – building long term relationships with internal and external customers. I am totally passionate about Albuquerque and NM and am proud to show it off and brag about it. I have a personal passion for plants and yard work as it fulfills a nurturing need that I have somewhere deep inside of me. Cooking is what started me in the hotel business so I reckon it has been one of my longest-lived passions that is like first nature to me.

Is there anything special about yourself you wish other members knew about you?
I am very shy and introverted by nature. Being in this business allows me to be free of that and open up when siting folks for the city or in large groups of people.  I like to collect lots of information prior to making business decisions…not so much in my personal life. I enjoy a liberal amount of risk taking personally.

Have you done anything exciting or out‐of‐the box lately?
My husband Mark and I are currently building a Territorial - Adobe Revival fence and wall in our backyard with timber and adobe.  Designed and constructed by us.  The adobe wall will have an horno built into it for baking and roasting purposes.  We adopted a turtle this past fall in lieu of getting anther dog.  Lucy is a free-range box turtle and is hibernating somewhere in the backyard…awaiting spring arrival.  Aren’t we all!

What inspires you?
Nature, ingenuity, youth, forgiveness, daring, mistakes, and successes.

Why do you think others should be a part of MPI-NM?
Get out, get involved. Give of your strengths, learns from others. Teach and be taught. Be a part of a great organization and help nurture it to be the best.



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