We are monitoring the Coronavirus and its impact to our educational programs and events. We will provide updates on their status as more information becomes available.
Top Performing Chapter Award

MPI North Florida COVID-19 Resources for Chapter Members
This page is to provide resources for members with MPI Global updates and information
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Top Performing Chapter Award



Our Past Presidents


2017-2018 Lisa Perry, CMP

2015-2017 Susan Wiley, CMP
2014-2015 Mandie McKenzie, CMP
2013-2014 TJ Worrell, CTS
2012-2013 Melissa Milione, CMP,CPCE
2011-2012 Vickey Woodley
2011 Linda McMahon
2010-2011 Sabrina Young, CMP
2009-2010 Gayle Jackson-Menk
2008-2009 Cheryl Schreiner
2007-2008 Carol Cullen
2006-2007 Luis Sanchez, CMP

2005-2006 Anne Urban
2004-2005 Bill Rodish, CMP
2003-2004 Eileen Pearson
2002-2001 Eve Szymanski
2001-2000 Dana Rigdon, CMP
2000-2001 Candace Mingo
1999-2000 Ann Shea
1998-1999 Roger Dockery
1997-1998 Jeri Leedy
1996-1997 Brenda Boring, CMP
1995-1996 Vickie Corder, CMP

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