Top Performing Chapter Award

October 2019 President's Report
Happy Fall! Yes, it is finally here! I love fall and all of the holiday festivities to come and of course the cooler weather!
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Top Performing Chapter Award




President's Report

October 2019


Happy Fall! Yes, it is finally here! I love fall and all of the holiday festivities to come and of course the cooler weather! Thank you to everyone who came out for our sold out Educational Luncheon last month with speaker, Melissa Milione. The event received high reviews so thank you for your feedback! We also had great participation with our annual Education Survey and there were so many great comments and topics mentioned. This feedback gives the Education Committee great direction to be able to plan for the year ahead so we value your time in completing this survey.

We hope you will make MPI North Florida a part of your fall plans to finish the year strong together as a community of meeting professionals. On October 8th we will have our final Educational Luncheon for the year, so we hope to see all of our members there. We have brought in a fabulous speaker, Corbin Ball, and will be discussing Top Technology Trends Transforming Events and What It Means for You. We will also be hosting a CMP Study Group informational session at this lunch, so if you are considering studying for your CMP Certification and are interest in learning more about our study group, please be sure to register to attend this session. October 10th we will be in Gainesville hosting a complimentary networking reception with our members in that area, as well as inviting potential members in Gainesville to learn more about the benefits of joining MPI North Florida. Registration is still open for both of our October events, so register soon as we expect both events to sell out. You can also keep an eye out for more information about our November and December networking events!

Thank you all for generous contributions to the SITE/ MPI Florida Bahama Recovery efforts, were able to raise just shy of $2,000 with member contributions and the chapters pledge of $1,000 so thank you, so much for being a part of the recovery efforts in the Bahamas. Supplies have already been purchased and are in the process of being shipped to the Bahamas. They still need our help so if you are interested in donating or would consider sharing with your network the link to donate is here:

Looking forward to a great October and seeing all of you soon!

Liz Hogan


MPI North Florida

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