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With over 200 chapter members and affiliates, MPI Orange County serves members in Orange County and greater Southern California, the Inland Empire and Nevada. MPIOC plans a variety of educational, networking and social programs throughout the year.

When you join MPI Orange County, you become part of an organization dedicated to your personal and career success. You’ll connect with the innovative learning, passionate people and big ideas that will empower you to become an agent of change and reinvent the world.


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Welcome to MPI Orange County. 

With my first message as 2021-2022 Chapter President, I want to begin by acknowledging the extraordinary times we have just experienced.  Our business was impacted in a massive way and there have been huge changes for nearly all of us.  But, here we are. We have survived, endured and —  in many cases — even thrived from the challenges.  We have learned new skills and examined our priorities.

I want to thank the previous two boards of directors who did amazing work to keep the chapter up and running; and still find ways to connect the members for education, support and networking. Our industry is filled with brilliant, creative and resilient people who have worked from the first day of the shutdown to address the challenges and keep us moving forward. 

Today is a new day. And while the pandemic isn’t over, there’s clearly a sense of optimism running through the meetings community. MPIOC has already held our first in-person chapter meeting, and the board has amazing plans for new and innovative programs and events in the upcoming year. All we need now is you to be there! 

Thank you for sticking with us during the hard times, I know better times are ahead for us all.  When the new board was installed, I told them, “The Future is Unwritten."  With your support and participation I’m confident we can write an amazing one for MPIOC.

- Jon Trask, MPI Orange County Chapter, President


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