Honorable Mention Chapter Award
Honorable Mention Chapter Award



MPIOC News | Jul 9, 2021
Though it looked different than years past, the 2021 MPI Awards and Board Kickoff Party at Championship Stadium at Great Park was a spectacular success. Here's a peek at this year's award winners.
AnaLaura Becerra, CMP CTA | Jun 23, 2021
Please join us in congratulating MPIOC's members on their milestone MPI Anniversaries:
Jon Trask, CMP CMM | Jun 23, 2021
“The Future is Unwritten” We are all familiar with this moment. You have an assignment, a job, a story to tell or an idea to document. You click on “open new document” and you’re faced with a blank page. Nothing in your head has been put into words yet; it only exists in your mind. It is still unwritten.
Beth Hoffman, CDS | Jun 23, 2021
What a crazy year it was! Although we were NOT allowed to meet face-to-face during the pandemic, the MPIOC Education team managed to create seven virtual events that proved engaging and enlightening.
Bruno Duarte, CTA | Jun 23, 2021
“Yes, there were times, I’m sure you know when I bit off more than I could chew, but through it all when there was doubt, I ate it up and spit it out, I faced it all, and I stood tall and did it my way.” Frank Sinatra, My Way. What a year it has been, and as I sit here drafting my final ‘Letter from the President,'
Bruno Duarte, CTA | Apr 7, 2021
5…4...3...2...1...We welcome with open arms a new year and put behind us a year that shut down our industry. We have celebrated the words and inspiration of a great civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. and we all cheered the return of dining and celebrated with loved ones one Valentine’s Day.
AnaLaura Becerra, CMP CTA | Apr 7, 2021
Every year, the Membership team organizes an event where new and potential members come together to meet the Board, get introduced to other members and learn how to engage with a highly dynamic crowd.
Annemarie Allain, CEM | Apr 7, 2021
Something that's on the forefront of our industry minds and have been watching closely is the reopening of our state. As the only state that has not reopened live events, industry leaders came together to urge the governor
Michelle Sais, CMP | Apr 7, 2021
There are so many ways to communicate these days, for example, some ways are through written communication via emails, texts and posts on social media.
MPIOC News | Apr 7, 2021
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