Full-Throttle Goodness: One Team, One Ride, One Purpose!

27 April, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Webinar Series

Stay Inspired Virtual Education Series

Steven Foster, an award-winning speaker, writer and entrepreneur profiled by CNN-Fortune as a small business success, understands your outlook always determines your outcome. On a bike or in business, adversity is just around the next turn and teamwork matters most on the road to recovery and eventual success. His “One Man, One Motorcycle, One Mission” is now a roadmap for organizations and individuals to align “Passion, Power and Purpose” to change lives, build community and fuel success on our own personal and professional “Ride.” in good times and bad.

Learning Outcome:
• Passion: Connecting what we LOVE to do with what we do to LIVE
• Power: Developing individual and team capabilities to do more than we think we can
• Purpose: Influencing others to Know the Way, Go the Way and Show the Way!

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