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Gary J. Rosenberg Scholarship




MPISCC has a long and rich history of educational excellence. The Gary J. Rosenberg Scholarship is another way that MPI Southern California promotes education and opportunity to its members.

MPISCC awards scholarships up to $1,500.

Gary J. Rosenberg Scholarship funds can be used towards any of the following educational programs:

  • Attendance at MPI educational conferences including WEC
  • Attendance at MPISCC educational programs including WeCon, Monthly Programs
  • Pursuit of a CMP or CMM designation including MPISCC CMP study courses
  • University/College courses relating to the meetings industry

Those seeking funding for the CMP or CMM should first review work experience and/or academic qualifications. The Events Industry Council provides guidelines for the CMP exam at  Information on the CMM is available at

Scholarship funds reimburse expenses incurred to participate at an MPI educational conference, course or certification.  The funds may not be used to pay fees for MPI membership.  Scholarship funds must be used within 12 months from its award.


To qualify for a Gary J. Rosenberg Scholarship, you must:

  • Be a member of the meetings industry for at least one (1) full year;
  • Be a member of MPI and the Southern California Chapter, in good standing for at least one (1) year;
  • Attend at least three (3) MPISCC Chapter programs/events in the last 12 months;
  • Extra consideration will be given to candidates who “actively” participate in one (1) or more MPISCC Chapter Committees as defined by the Committee Chair;
  • Submit receipts for all reasonable expenses to be reimbursed up to the amount awarded, along with proof of attendance & a brief review of the educational experience to promote the scholarship program; and
  • Submit the completed scholarship application, a professional resume and one letter of recommendation by the due date.
  • Scholarships funds may not be awarded to the same individual more than once in three years or twice in a lifetime.


Gary J. Rosenberg Scholarship Honorees


Year Name
2022-2023Kerensa Summers
2021-2022Amanda White
2020-2021Natalie Fulton
2019-2020Libby Zarrahy, Deshawn Wynn, Steve McCleave, Jennifer Minzey and Amy Zelinsky
2014-2015Michele Berman and Shelley Grey, CMP
2013-2014Whitney Wilson and Joe Martin
2012-2013Patrice Bradshaw
2010-2011Paulette Fontanez, DeShawn Wynn, CMP, and Cheryl Lancaster, CMP
2007-2008Monica Smith, CMP, CASE, Keri Shaffer, and Judi Foehlich-Pascoe
2006-2007Linda Jenkins, CMP, Larissa Schultz, CMP
2005-2006Haley Powers and Debbie Hawkins, CMP, CAE
2004-2005Larry Pagac and Amy Zelinsky
2003-2004Robin Marie Carriere, Michele Em, CMP, CSEP, and Jacques Chargois
2002-2003 Theresa McCarthy, Jan Weiner, CMP, and Cheryl Lancaster, CMP
2001-2002 Hope Williams and Darlene Evans, CMP, CMM


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