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Lois K. Hauser Award


Overview:   Lois Hauser was a warm, charismatic and committed member of our Chapter, and the Southern California meetings industry. She was the MPI Southern California Chapter Planner of the Year, 1998-1999, and was honored with the Past Presidents Award in 2005-2006.  Over the years, Lois was a very active committee member and served on the MPISCC Board of Directors.  While enjoying her time on the Board of Directors, her true love was Committee work.



Lois K. Hauser


The Lois K. Hauser Service Award was established in her memory to honor her dedication and service.  The award recognizes an “unsung hero” who is dedicated to committee work and demonstrates a long-term service commitment to the Chapter.


Criteria to receive the Lois K. Hauser Service Award:


  • A member of MPI and specifically the Southern California Chapter, in good standing for at least three (3) years;
  • Attended at least four (4) MPISCC Chapter Programs in the last 12 months;
  • Actively participates in one (1) or more MPISCC Chapter Committees as defined by that Committee Chairperson/Board of Director.
  • The member of MPISCC has not won the Lois K. Hauser Service Award within the last three (3) years; and
  • A qualified applicant whose professional education is not financially supported by their company may receive additional consideration; however, if an applicant is being supported by their company and clearly outweighs a non-supported applicant, their application will be strongly considered as well.
  • A strong candidate for the Lois K. Hauser Service Award will have attributes such as:
    • An unsung hero with a big heart *a team player *a go-to person who gets results *
    • Dedicated to committee work *works behind the scenes, may avoid limelight *
    • Long term service commitment *backbone of a committee *think of that “go to” person who you can count on to deliver when you are in a crunch





The Lois K. Hauser Service Award Recipient receives:

  • Recognition at the Annual MPISCC Awards & Installation;
    • A selection of one of the following prizes, which must be used within 1 year (Fiscal Year):
      • CMP Study Group
      • MPI Membership Fee for 1 year (Paid Directly to MPI)
      • 4 Monthly MPISCC Educational Meetings + Installation/Awards Gala
      • WeCon - Registration and 2 Night Hotel/tax



Nomination Process:

Candidates can be nominated by any member of the MPISC Board of Directors, Committee Chair, or member of the Council of Past Presidents.  Self-nominations will be accepted.


Lois K. Hauser Service Award Honorees


# Year Name
17th2022-2023Kelly Feeney
16th2021-2022Margaux Macgregor
15th2020-2021Suzy Kay
14th2019-2020Chris Clark
13th2018-2019Jane Mato, CMP
12th 2017-2018 Natalie Fulton, CMP and Laina Pinella, CMP
11th 2016-2017 Ron Havens, CMP, CMM
10th 2015-2016 Jason Soporito
9th 2014-2015 Carlos Murillo
8th 2013-2014 Libby Zarrahy, CMP
7th 2012-2013 Amy Zelinsky, CMP
6th 2011-2012 Holly Smith, CMP
5th 2010-2011 Deborah Shepard
4th 2009-2010 Mark Berkowitz, CMP
3rd 2008-2009 Haley Powers, CMP
2nd 2007-2008 Margie Johnston
1st 2006-2007 Donna Garrett


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