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MPI Tampa Bay Area Volunteer Opportunities


Customizing Volunteer Opportunities to Meet Members’ Needs

volunteers get involvedVolunteering Your Way is a program by which members can tell us what THEY would like to do and just exactly how much time they have to do it – and we will find just the right spot to plug them in. We believe this "task-based" volunteer format where members can pick and choose individual tasks within a specific committee will increase the number of volunteers we have at MPI TBA – thereby overcoming the time barrier. If you can only give us 1 hour a month – then we will find a task that fits your needs and make sure you have the tools you need to be successful.

 If you would like more information about getting involved, please email Lori Falgoust at



Ambassador Program

The goal is to welcome and introduce new members and guests to our current members to help foster new relationships.  We have a great team of members that have been with the chapter and volunteered for many years.  At the beginning of each program you will find us near the registration area greeting and networking! 

The Ambassadors are here to answer any of your questions about the chapter as well as to help you integrate within our chapter.  We are here to answer any questions and help you get the most out of your membership.  If you are interested in being a part of the Ambassador Program,  contact me at Thank you!


Volunteers Power MPI
Through volunteer roles, MPI members forge meaningful connections, take leadership roles, and contribute to the industry.

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