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Angelica Stehling, CMP - February 2021


By: Diana Balakirov | Feb 14, 2021

Most of us who have lived in the Lone Star State for a considerable amount of time are quite familiar with a simple fact of life: everything does seem like it’s bigger in Texas. While wide-open spaces, finger-lickin’ comfort foods and larger-than-life homes seem to get all the attention, none deserve more praise than the concept of southern hospitality, especially when embodied by someone like our last (but certainly not least) volunteer of the month.

Like many who earn degrees that they may not end up pursuing in the future, Angelica was set on launching a career in public relations. Whether it was the year of travel following her graduation from the University of Texas at Austin that did it, or life simply had other plans, but as soon as Angelica set foot in the door of a Marriott Dallas Las Colinas, an unexpected career path emerged. By the time she made her way to what is now the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas, Angelica was infused with equal doses of enthusiasm and exasperation for the hospitality industry. And nothing seemed to fuel her drive than the passion and love she developed for meetings and events.

When she heard about Austin’s plans to build a convention center in 1992, Angelica returned to the city she loved -- a decision that changed the course of her life in many ways. For it was there that she met her husband of 27 years, Tod, and discovered the world of associations, including the Texas Safety Association, the Texas Apartment Association and the Texas Association of Builders, where she’s worked since 2006.

Angelica’s membership with MPI, which she’s held for 26 years, has not only complemented her career but paved the way for additional opportunities to make a difference in the community she cares so much about. After serving on the MPI THCC Board of Directors and the former CAMP MPI Committee -- now the Texas Education Conference Committee -- Angelica became involved with the tradeshow-focused International Association of Exhibitions and Events Central Texas Chapter (IAEE-CTC) as a chair, a director of membership and a director of sponsorships.

Angelica’s dedication to a global industry that embraces cultural traditions and celebrates international relations is no surprise, given her multicultural upbringing. As a first-generation American with parents born in Europe and South America, Angelica learned about the differences and similarities of three continents at a young age, ultimately coming to the conclusion that “the only real major difference in us, as people, is the language we speak.” Even now, Angelica continues her exploration of the world. In her spare time, she enjoys conducting research, brushing up on history, playing games, bravely discussing politics and religion, traveling and spending quality time with her friends, husband and children Catherine (24) and Matthew (22).



Diana Balakirov

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