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Annette Hicks - February 2021

Annette Hicks

By: Diana Balakirov | Feb 14, 2021

This month’s well-deserved volunteer recognition goes to Annette Hicks, CMP, a consummate event professional whose impact on the hospitality industry has been felt and recognized by peers, colleagues and friends over the course of several decades.

Annette’s deep-seated commitment to her chosen profession in event planning is nothing short of impressive. For over 25 years, she has worked for the Texas Food & Fuel Association, taking on a full scope of ever-evolving responsibilities: planning the association’s annual convention; organizing board meetings; handling special events; overseeing the governance of a 50-member board of directors; and, as a vice president in charge of meetings and expositions, supervising other staff members.

Annette’s continued involvement with MPI THCC adds to her already impressive list of accomplishments. After joining the organization in 1995 and becoming a board member in 1998, Annette was selected to serve as the chapter’s first president-elect; offices of the president followed shortly after. She continued doing what seemed to come naturally -- working well with people -- while teaching CMP classes for eight years in the 2000s and, eventually, working with other MPI committee members in the areas of nominations, scholarships and (the annual) Southwest Showcases.

In 2019, Annette had taken on yet another challenge -- the implementation of MPI THCC’s guidance-based, strategic task-focused mentorship program for current vice presidents and their directors. She has previously accepted the accolades of Volunteer of the Year, Unsung Hero and Meeting Planner of the Year from the chapter itself, and the Professional Excellence Award from TSAE is a reflection of her countless and measurable achievements.



Diana Balakirov

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