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Becca Burns - March 2022

Becca Burns

By: LaChelle Evans | May 13, 2022

May flowers are blossoming, and so is our volunteer of the month, Becca Burns.

Becca is laying down roots with MPI THCC, serving as a member for one year and a volunteer for two months. She’s already springing to action, helping to find auction items and donations for our annual silent auction and our June celebration and awards dinner. Becca says she’s looking forward to being more involved and supporting the chapter where her talents are needed.

Just like ushering in a new season, Becca made a career change in 2020, during the pandemic. She is now enjoying her new role as a global account executive for ConferenceDirect, seeking the opportunity to meet more people and make new connections. She’s doing just that! But Becca is no stranger to the hospitality industry. Before ConferenceDirect, she worked as a convention sales manager at Hyatt and Marriott hotels in the Austin and San Antonio areas for a combined 15 years.

Becca Burns and FamilyBecca resides in Austin, Texas with her husband, Chris, one-and-a-half-year-old son, Alex, and their 14-year-old cat, Marbles. Becca and Chris’ relationship is in full bloom with the couple getting married just before the COVID shutdown. Talk about a crazy two years! But that’s a story for a different article.

Becca enjoys a healthy lifestyle that includes cooking, yoga and riding her Peloton. She also loves to travel and try new restaurants. When she wants to let her hair down, live music is her go-to for a little boot-scooting and finger-snapping.

Becca’s favorite place to be is with Chris on the beaches of Mexico, Cancun, specifically, for that’s where they were married.

Here’s to Becca and each of us who are planting seeds of growth in our lives. And happy belated Mother’s Day to Becca and all of our MPI THCC moms!



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