As a collaborative effort between the past volunteer chairs of both the International Board of Directors and the MPIF Global Board of Trustees and recognizing that the sustainability of this association and industry comes through its volunteers, several past international board chairs have created this special endowment to support past chapter presidents in their pursuit of professional development.

The goal is to cumulatively fund $50,000 as principal via collective donations. As a result, we will be able to offer WEC scholarship(s) to anyone who has served as a PAST Chapter Chair; regardless of how recent their service may be. The fund will enable chapter leader volunteers to continue serving MPI and continue to enjoy important leadership experiences.

We have asked past chairs of the IBOD and GBOT to be the lead contributors, each has been requested to offer what they can with a target of $1,000 each. However, anyone can donate in honor or memoriam of a past chair. Simply denote your request within the donation form. The earned interest on this endowment will provide annual WEC Scholarship(s), it will be available ONLY to Past Chapter Chairs and will be available in perpetuity.


MPI Foundation



Past CHAIRS OF International Board of Directors AND Global Board of Trustees:


Rod Abraham, CM
George A. Aguel
Mark S. Andrew, CMP, CHA
Chandra Allison
Steven Armitage
Amanda Armstrong, CMP
Paul K. Barsaloux, CM
Michael L. Beardsley
Joseph Bow, CMP, CAE
J. William "Bill" Boyd, CMP
M. Theresa "Terri" Breining, CMP, CMM
Bonnie Carlson
Anna Lee Chabot, CMP
Stuart R. Clarkson, CM
Lincoln H. Colby, CM, CMP
Coleman, CMM
Brian Dietmeyer
Michael Dominguez, CHSE
Roger J. Dow
Christine Duffy
John Fuller
David G. Gabri
Mike J. Gamble
Ann Godi, CMP
James F. Goebel, CM
Robert C. Green, CM, CMP
Raymond J. Hall, CM
Majorie V. Hamilton
Marta L. Hayden, CMP
Kevin Hinton, CIS
David Johnson
James E. Jones, CM, CMP, CLV, CS
Marion N. Kershner
Beverly Kinkade, CMP, CHME
Kevin Kirby
David Kliman, CMP, CMM
Vincent J. LaRuffa
Evelyn Laxgang, CMP
Hugh K. Lee
Dwight D. Loken, CMP
Lawrence A. "Larry" Luteran
Todd Marinko
Carole McKellar, CMM
Bob C. Moore
Nancy Morrell-Swanson
Margaret A. Moynihan, CMP
Steve O'Malley
Kevin A. Olsen
Fiona Pelham
Angie Pfeifer, CMM
Rita D. Plaskett, CMP, CMM
Stephen D. Powell
Kathleen M. Ratcliffe
Lori Rebers
Stephen Revetria
Eric Rozenberg, CMP, CMM
Jim Russell
Ken Sanders
Edward E. Scannell, CMP, CSP
David C. Scypinski
Albert J. Sears, Jr.
Ed Simeone, CMP, CMM
Mark N. Sirangelo
Charlotte St. Martin
Brian Stevens
G. Joseph Strickler, CM, CAE
Sebastien Tondeur, MBA
C. James Trombino, CAE
Gus J. Vonderheide
Jerry A. Wayne
Weldon D. Webb
Rudy R. Wright, CM, CMP
Ralph K. Wynn, CMP