Executive Director of the MPI Foundation



Kevin Kirby

"From what we get, we can make a living. What we give; however, makes a life."
- Arthur Ashe

There seems no more appropriate time to re-introduce The MPI Foundation to you, then now! 

Since the beginning, MPI members have given back to create countless scholarships, chapter grants and major industry initiatives to secure a better tomorrow for all of us!  

As a matter of fact, since 2009, through individual giving, chapter donations, strategic special events, education summits and association & corporation donations, The MPI Foundation has collected and distributed over $5.2 million making it one of largest cumulative giving efforts in our industry, touching lives and making an impact across the globe.

I consider myself fortunate to carry the torch and represent you in this philanthropic effort. While I am “new” to this role, I am a 20+ year member of MPI and proud to call the MPI Greater Orlando Chapter my home. I also volunteered to help the broader MPI effort in international board and committee roles while tending to my day job growing renowned international hospitality brands. It comes full circle today!

Know that I intend to bring that same passion to insuring this foundation serves today and tomorrow’s members. 

I encourage you to take stock of your own impact. Volunteer at local chapters, regional events, represent your association and, please, donate to this foundation!

Do something. Make your legacy matter in an industry that is one of the top 10 economic drivers in our world! 

Our Purpose
The MPI Foundation seeks to advance our industry by strengthening our people and communities. 

That’s why a donation to The MPI Foundation is an investment in our industry:

  • It’s shaping and supporting tomorrow’s leaders.
  • It helps MPI and non-MPI members when they need it most.
  • It’s leading the industry by partnering with it.
Kevin Kirby

Kevin Kirby
Executive Director of MPI Foundation