Brian Mushakwe

Brian Mushakwe

By MPI Foundation | Feb 22, 2022

Brian Mushakwe

Future Leaders Forum Champion and Scholarship Recipient in 2021

What are your goals and aspirations in the meetings and events industry?
My goals and aspirations in the meetings and events industry- to be the Zimbabwean version of Robert Jani (the imagineer) and revitalize the MICE Tourism sector in the African continent.

What did you hope to achieve in your participation in the Future Leaders Forum?
In my participation in the IMEX Future Leaders Forum, I hoped to impart knowledge about tips to start my own business, greening the MICE industry, and to create strong networks with industry professionals and other future leaders that would help me to kickstart my career.  

How did being part of the Future Leaders Forum and receiving this scholarship affect you?
Being part of the Future Leaders Forum helped me to meet with professionals who were eager to tell me about starting a business in the events industry. I launched a business in October 2020 and managed to host hybrid events which include my graduation ceremony and 14 other universities and colleges in Zimbabwe. Because of this, I received several accolades as the outstanding youth in Entrepreneurship and Tourism.

Any additional comments?
This scholarship means so much to me and I find it hard to express my gratitude in just a short page. The scholarship has greatly reduced the financial burden of my family and will allow me to continue to pursue my educational dreams. Many thanks to MPI, Hannah Lee (with IMEX) and everyone who made this scholarship possible. I am extremely grateful for your generosity.



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