Ekaterina Kempii - MPI Finland Chapter

Ekaterina Kempii - MPI Finland Chapter

By MPI Foundation | Jun 8, 2021

Ekaterina Kempii
MPI Finland Chapter

EMEC 2019 Scholarship – AEF

MPI granted me a brilliant opportunity to attend EMEC19 in the Hague, the Netherlands, covering the conference fee. It was my first conference on the event management that was very beneficial for me in terms of learning and meeting the industry experts.

I am a full-time student; my current income would not have been enough to cover all the costs.

I met a lot of people who not only inspired me but also gave me great tips on starting my own career. I will not only try to maintain our connections but also collaborate with some of the experts in the future. After graduation I see myself arranging musical (or other) festivals, meetups, workshops, fairs or business conferences.

Since receiving the scholarship, I’ve got to know the members of my local chapter and already signed up for an upcoming event on the meeting moderation.

I really appreciate all the help I got from the MPI and its sponsors. This is a huge support for new professionals (especially students like me) pursuing their career in the meeting and event management industry!



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