Gabriel Alaniz - MPI Chicago Area Chapter

Gabriel Alaniz - MPI Chicago Area Chapter

By MPI Foundation | Jun 8, 2021

Gabriel Alaniz
MPI Chicago Area Chapter
Membership Scholarship

I work in nonprofit arts in an entry level position, and my company was not able to fund my membership with our limited professional development budget. As a prospective new member, the possibility of my membership was contingent on approval for an MPI Foundation scholarship.

Without sounding too cliché, I would like to note that my participation in MPI Chicago Area Chapter, literally would not have been possible were it not for this scholarship opportunity. In fact, I’m really unsure if I’ll be able to continue membership once I reach the year mark when I’ll be asked to renew my membership without scholarship support.

The MPI Foundation has helped me gain confidence in my journey towards establishing myself as a meeting planner in the Chicago area. Thanks to this scholarship opportunity that allowed me to become an MPI Chicago Area Chapter member, I have been able to foster meaningful relationships with other meeting planners in the Chicago area. Additionally, with MPI’s help, I have been able to create some clear goals for my ongoing professional development as a meeting planner.

This scholarship has impacted my career by connecting me with other industry professionals in the Chicago area. I’m realizing that I soon want to leave my nonprofits arts job and venture into the corporate sector as an event planner. I’m hopeful that the connections I make by participating with MPI, as well as utilizing the jobs board will help me land a new gig. Additionally, I hope to eventually earn my CMP with the help of MPI.

Since joining MPI, I have become more motivated to seek continuing education opportunities. As someone who does not come from a hospitality or events management educational background, this is especially important.



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