Jordan Lacey

Jordan Lacey

By MPI Foundation | Jan 31, 2023

Jordan Lacey, KPMG Emerging Professional Award Recipient 2022-2023

How did your journey begin in this industry, and how has your involvement changed over time?
I knew I wanted to be an event planner from a young age. I was so dedicated to events that I was able to skip my senior year of high school to go to Johnson and Wales a year early to get my degree in event management. Then, after graduating I started in hotels where I got exposed to MPI working as a hotel CSM. It was after 4 years of being a CSM and wanting 'more' that I got my CMP, and was able to move to a meeting planner job. Now I am getting my MBA in hopes to run a department of event planner. Getting my MBA with my planning experience will set me up for success.

Please describe your engagement in the industry/profession, as well as MPI. What are you most proud of accomplishing or being part of?
Upon graduating I had the opportunity to work at the most famous New York City Hotel for Events- The New York Marriott Marquis. It was there that I also started my own non profit, Light The Candle. Beyond work and volunteering, I sit on the board and plan events for the Johnson and Wales Alumni Chapter. I believe as a planner we must use our talents. Then, after leaving Marriott I came to a meeting planner role where I was able to run events for our Black in Leadership group. Now at my Graduate college I volunteer for our Black affinity group in events, and I also have been featured in a local blog in Hoboken New Jersey providing event tips to beginners. It is really important in event planning to pay it forward!

What are your professional goals?
My current goal is to get my MBA, and secure an amazing first year internship in the travel/loyalty space leading events. I also hope to remain involved with developing other black event planners and ultimately see more diversity in planners!

Jordan Lacey, CMP is a corporate event planner and graduate of Johnson and Wales University. She is currently pursuing her MBA at Colorado State University in the award-winning Mosaic Program.  Lacey is the founder of Light The Candle, a nonprofit that creates free birthday cards to foster children living in group and foster homes. Jordan has a passion for events and looks forward to pursuing her career in the event planning industry.



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