Katherine Craig

Katherine Craig

By MPI Foundation | Jun 23, 2021

Katherine Craig

CMP Scholarship Recipient

Please tell us about the scholarship you have received and its impact.
It means the world to have been selected to receive this scholarship. With COVID-19 causing so much uncertainty for the future, it has been a huge relief knowing that I have this support to rely on.

How has this scholarship impacted your career? Where do you see yourself within the meeting and event industry in the future?
Being awarded this scholarship gives me a boost of pride and achievement, making me excited to continue to expand into the meetings industry. We may be entering some uncharted territory in light of the recent COVID-19 developments, but I have faith in our meetings and events community and trust that we will come together in these times of struggle.  

Do you have a message for the sponsors and individuals who make donations to make scholarships possible?  
Thank you for helping to ensure that all kinds of people get access to these advantageous education opportunities. This will no doubt allow me and the others who benefit from your generosity to prosper and make meaningful contributions to our communities.  

Please share any additional information about your scholarship you might want the MPI Foundation, its staff, or supporters to know.
I am confident that earning my CMP has given me an advantage in my career, not only right now but for the future as well. These kinds of opportunities make a huge difference to me, a young professional who is eager to make a positive impact on the world. Thank you for the role you have played in making this dream a reality for me.





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