Marisa Wilkes - MPI Greater New York Chapter

Marisa Wilkes - MPI Greater New York Chapter

By MPI Foundation | Jun 8, 2021

Marisa Wilkes
MPI Greater New York Chapter

Professional Development – MPI Academy, Emergency Preparedness 2018 from AEF

The MPI Foundation is wonderful, without this scholarship I would not have been able to gain more expansive knowledge in the area of risk management and be able to take this knowledge with me and help others learn.

I was very interested in taking the Emergency Preparedness course but did not have the funds to be able to pay for it and unfortunately my organization was not willing to contribute to my professional development.

This scholarship has allowed me to know more in-depth how to handle emergency situations before they happen. Since I only plan internal meetings within our office I have never actually thought that I needed to concern myself with risk or be prepared for an emergency but with this class I now have the knowledge to create plans, execute them, and make sure my attendees are safe myself rather than relying on security in our building only.  In the future I hope to move into the corporate world where I see myself being the main point of contact for events and this information will help me develop more efficient events.

I am looking forward to the opportunities this knowledge will add to my ability to sell myself to future organizations.

Thank you very much, without you, people like myself who do not have the support of their organizations would not be able to partake in such valuable information.



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