Zoe Moore - MPI Northern California Chapter

Zoe Moore - MPI Northern California Chapter

By MPI Foundation | Jun 8, 2021

Zoe Moore
MPI Northern California Chapter

WEC 2018 Scholarship from Wyndham

The MPI Foundation is actively inspiring me to live as if I will not fail. Receiving the scholarship to attend WEC18 was an honor and it has reignited a flame within my soul that makes my mission and vision within the meetings and events industry crystal clear.
Please summarize some key takeaways from the event that you feel will enhance your career or understanding of the industry. The event was definitely an experience! From the moment I stepped into the airport to the moment I departed, I was actively engaged and inspired. Although, I was emerged in the programming, content and amenities, I also observed the layout, design and organization throughout the weekend. This opportunity was encouraging and makes me feel limitless in my creativity while establishing my business.

I have a few highlights that are most memorable.  Recently, as a member of MPINCC, I’ve had the opportunity to initiate the diversity & inclusion task force and discuss real concerns within the meetings and events industry. Then during WEC18, I was able to attend the MPI Global diversity & inclusion task force meeting, give valuable input and meet Paul Van Deventer face to face.    The second highlight of my career was being contracted to help produce AfroTech 17 with Blavity’s VP of Events. In 2016, for their very first AfroTech, I worked as a volunteer and then one year later I was operating as a business to ensure they had the resources they need to support the events success.

During WEC18 I had the unique opportunity to act as an ambassador for Ifyinwa Iheanacho, a Nigerian event planner seeking an established support system for event planners in West Africa. I was able to guide Ify around, give her some tips, introduce her to others and get her dancing on mainstage. I think the MPI Foundation would benefit from having a few chapters in West Africa, the Caribbean and throughout the African Diaspora. This niche market is untapped and I believe I could help spearhead an initiative such as this under the umbrella of diversity & inclusion because it aligns with the mission of my company LB Alliance



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