Recognizing three university students who have exemplified significant promise for successful events and meetings industry career.

Congratulations to the 2023 KPMG Scholarship Recipients

For the THIRD year in a row, KPMG supported foundation efforts to provide financial aid to emerging professionals.

On behalf of KPMG and the MPI Foundation, BIG congratulations to our winners:

KPMG Award Winners



The awardees will also receive a complimentary MPI student membership and the opportunity to network or have career conversations with members from the KPMG Events & Meetings and MPI.

“It’s special to recognize these rising students and their commitment to joining the experiential event planning industry,” said Kevin Kirby, executive director of the MPI Foundation. “KPMG’s vision to honor students and support what will be an evolving industry is remarkable and sincerely appreciated.”


“The intersection of DEI and the future of the events industry continues to speak to the core missions of KPMG’s Events & Meetings. In our ongoing commitment and financial support for promising and deserving students who have been traditionally underrepresented, we are thrilled to provide opportunities for the deepening of industry knowledge, the building of beneficial relationships, and the development of those seeking a career in the industry we hold dear. We believe there is no more worthy investment in the future than the support of these emerging professionals. We are excited to see how they will drive innovation and evolution in the years to come.”

Jill Kamm
Executive Director KPMG Events and Meetings 




I am so honored to be awarded with this scholarship. These funds will be used to help fund my expenses for my Spring Semester of 2023 at the Florence University of the Arts, where I will be studying abroad for the semester.
I am honored to receive this award. It will make a huge impact on my career and education.
I knew I wanted to be an event planner from a young age. I was so dedicated to events that I was able to skip my senior year of high school to go to Johnson and Wales a year early to get my degree in event management.