What The Best Industry Conference Looks Like

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What The Best Industry Conference Looks Like

By Katy Baker | Feb 18, 2020

Industry conferences are an opportunity to detach from the daily grind, connect with peers, and return to work feeling rejuvenated and more connected to your purpose. What is the value of attending your industry conference, and what are your career goals? Is it to discover emerging trends and technology, fulfill CEU requirements, or even just connecting with meeting colleagues. These are all valid reasons where conferences are the most helpful for meeting planners to advance their careers. There are many considerations when choosing an industry conference, including cost and timing. But something that should be a primary consideration is your goals. Establishing your goals will ensure you get the most out of your experience. Goals to consider maybe networking with like-minded colleagues or perhaps learn best practices and techniques, or grow your client base. 

Next, consider the format of the conference that suits your learning style. Conference formats can include a more intimate round table discussion setting, or candid panel discussions, or speaker led general workshop. The best conferences provide a variety of engagements to meet the needs of its attendees. With this in mind, MPI offers conference attendees an array of learning options and discussion settings within an experiential environment for members and non-members to grow their careers.

MPI Facilitates Face-to-Face Meetings

The meetings and events industry is built on the premise that face-to-face interactions are an essential element of the human experience. As the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide, Meetings Professionals International (MPI) is committed to providing an incomparable experience that will meet all your business goals. In addition to other resources and opportunities, we offer two signature industry conferences designed to push your boundaries through authentic experiences.

European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC)

The European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC) is offered annually in February. This year, your unforgettable journey will begin in Seville, Spain, where you will be inspired to grow as an individual, within the community, and ultimately change our world. Want to network with like-minded colleagues? Gather with fellow European colleagues—and colleagues from around the world—to follow in the footsteps of great Iberian explorers Magellan and Elcano.


World Education Congress (WEC)

MPI’s North American signature conference is the World Education Conference (WEC), offered annually in June. In 2020, we are focused on the importance of authentic experiences, the cornerstone to experiential meetings and events. Want to network with like-minded colleagues? Join 2,500+ attendees from every discipline in the meeting and event industry, where you’ll make friends (and business partners) for life.

Both EMEC and WEC offer world-class opportunities to advance in your career. Want to learn best practices and techniques? Every component will contribute to your development as a meeting and event professionals. Grow your client base? Make purposeful business connections during the Hosted Buyer program, where qualified buyers meet face-to-face with suppliers to create long-lasting business relationships. Want to advance within your network and community? Attend a signature event with MPI.


Engaging with others deepens connections, builds engagement, and spurs change. Here at MPI, we often say, “when we meet, we change the world”. It isn’t just our motto; it’s our promise. Experience a positive change in yourself personally and professionally by attending EMEC or WEC in 2020.  




Katy Baker
Katy Baker

Director, Membership Analytics and Strategy at Meeting Professionals International