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Bringing planners and suppliers together, face-to-face.

Designed exclusively for planner/supplier business, the MPI Exchange connects you—in live event settings—with potential partners that best meet your goals and objectives. This online tool will determine which MPI events feature the business partners that match your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I’m a planner. What are the benefits of the MPI Exchange?

As a planner, you will receive a full conference registration that allows you to participate in all of events and education offered during the conference. You will meet face-to-face with suppliers you want to do business with during hosted buyer hours.  Plus, there are no group appointments.

You can advance your career with education sessions available throughout the conference.  Attend sessions to earn clock hours to certify or recertify for your CMP. Earning clock hours attending conference is often less expensive than taking individual classes elsewhere.  

Q-  I’m a supplier. What are the benefits of the MPI Exchange for me?

Participating as a supplier in the MPI Exchange allows you to fill your pipeline and meet face-to-face with your choice of qualified planners with real buying power. The ultimate benefit is doing business smarter, faster and better.

Q- What are some hints for me to maximize my time at the MPI Exchange?

The appointment will provide ample time for both parties to connect.  Here are some tips on how to best prepare:

• Small talk (1-2 minutes)
• A brief introduction of your company (2 minutes)
• Prepare 3-5 questions about your partner needs (5 minutes).
• Prepare 3 solutions on how you think you could help your potential clients (4 minutes).  
• Use the information to see in the profile of your counterpart.Agree on follow-up actions. What, when, follow-up meeting, follow-up email? (2 minutes)
• Take your time to reflect on the meeting (1 minute). 
• Write everything down, not only hard facts but also your thoughts and feelings in 5 sentences. Planners, come prepared with business in hand (e.g. RFP’s)
• Planners, if you don’t have an immediate business need to discuss during your appointment, come prepared with examples of past events or potential future events that have not formalized
• Bring your business cards

Q- How do I justify the cost per appointment to my boss?

The cost per appointment is minimal when you factor in the following.  You are meeting with qualified planners that have business for you and want to meet with you.  All planner applications are reviewed by a committee to ensure they are bringing quality business to the appointment.

Q- Are small businesses successful in the program?

It doesn't matter if your brand employs three hundred or thirty; large and small businesses alike can benefit from participating. We've got planners perfect for you.

Q- Are there group appointments?

There are no group appointments included in the MPI Exchange program at MPI’s events.  IMEX America will pre-schedule your group appointments.

Q- What is MPI's Policy with Sarbane's Oxley (SOX)

MPI is a nonprofit association and by being an nonprofit Sarbanes’s Oxley (SOX) does not apply to our organization. MPI does not have any issues with SOX because we are not receiving any services/goods from planners in return for your participation in this program. All participating planners are hosted at MPI’s expense and not at the suppliers.

"In the old days of simply putting up booths and waiting for attendees to walk the trade show floor and find you, it was not anything close to being as effective as the MPI Exchange."
Leticia Thorpe
Sr. Manager of Convention Sales, San Francisco Travel



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