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To be eligible for election to MPI Indiana Chapter Board of Directors, all members interested in chapter leadership must complete the Board Application form (linked below). Any questions about the duties, responsibilities of any position, or the application process may be directed to the current Immediate Past-President, Vince Slack at vince3428@gmail.com. Board Applications must be received by May 31, 2024. 

The officers and directors represent the voice of the chapter’s membership. To ensure that the board has the vision and the ability to provide the membership with a variety of benefits including opportunities for learning, building relationships, and growing their businesses, it is required that the board collectively possess the following traits: 

~ Diversity ~ Commitment ~ Accountability ~ Respectful ~ Communication ~ Professional ~

~ Reputable ~ Open-minded ~ Fiscally Responsible ~ Management Skills ~

With this in mind, please answer the questions on the Board Application form, which illustrate your ideas for the future growth, direction and development of the MPI Indiana Chapter. The Nominating Committee will contact you shortly after the application deadline to schedule a phone interview. The final board slate will be determined by August 1, 2024.

Time Commitment:

Regular attendance at monthly meetings, chapter activities and functions, attendance at Board meetings and retreats.

 Attendance at the Annual MPI Board Retreat is required to be considered for the next term. The retreat will be held October 29-30 in Indianapolis (venue TBD). If you have a special circumstance as to why you would not be able to attend, please let us know.  





MPI Term Definitions


Ability to lead; viewed by others as leader; excellent reputation in the community; self-awareness - the ability to read one's emotions and recognize their impact while using gut feelings to guide decisions; self-management - involves controlling one's emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances. 

Strategic Thinking 

Strategic approach to finding and developing unique opportunities to drive value 

Understanding fundamental drivers of business and vigorously challenging conventional thinking about them. 

 Personal Communication Skills 

Demonstrated strong verbal and written communication skills; the ability to sense, understand and react to other’s emotions while comprehending social networks. Experience in organization and group dynamics. 


Demonstrated ability to inspire, influence and develop others while managing conflict 

Loyalty to MPI 

Act in the best interests of MPI and its members rather than the personal interest of the individual or other individual(s).

Business Acumen 

Demonstrated knowledge of sound business practices; ability to make an insightful assessment of the external business landscape with the keen awareness of how success can be achieved — and then monitoring execution of the strategy to deliver the desired results. 

Fiduciary Responsibility 

Duties of due care, loyalty and acting in good faith 

Chapter/Community Experience 

Volunteer activity at either the chapter or other community levels 

Financial Expertise 

Demonstrated skill in financial principles and analysis 


Knowledge of the principles of good governance; successful experience on corporate and/or nonprofit boards so that best practices can be shared 

Strategic Planning 

Evidence of knowledge of a board’s role in strategic planning; experience in approving strategic direction consistent with the mission and vision of an organization and ensuring accountability that the plan is executed well as defined by pre-determined measures of success. 

Industry Experience 

Experience in one or more aspects of the global meetings industry 


Evidence of knowledge and application of marketing principles

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