IDOBATA KAIGI #11 9月20日開催

身近な課題についてアイデアを持ち寄りワイワイ話し合う。 今回のテーマは「Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ~ 世界標準が『DI』から『DE&I』へ!選ばれるデスティネーションになろう!~」



Overall Excellence Chapter Award





MPI President and CEO - Paul Van Deventer


MPI Chapter Operation Director - Federico Toja


MPI Honorary Counselor - MPI Japan


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David Kliman, CMM, President
The Kliman Group Inc.
Past International Chairman - MPI
Honorary Counselor - MPI Japan


As a Meeting Industry Professional, how are you going to describe this year, 2020?

2020 marks the start of a new decade, one which I hope will be peaceful, sustainable and productive for the business event industry and for the planet. 

I believe more effective uses of technology, increased social cooperation and awareness plus a stronger focus on environmental sustainability will be hallmarks of the ways the business events industry positions itself in this new decade.


2) Any comment/messages to Japan, Japan Chapter, or any, working in Japanese business event industry? 

I encourage all members of MPI Japan to actively participate in MPI Japan chapter activities and find ways to support each other and the events industry on the path towards prosperity and the common good. 


Past International Chairman MPI


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Fiona Pelham CEO Positive Impact
Past International Chairman MPI



2020 will be a key year for Japan as an event destination as you build on the Rugby World Cup example and deliver the Olympics! 


Happy New Year to you!  - Michael Owen


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Michael Owen
Managing partner of business event producer
EventGenuity LLC


The Japan Chapter and I joined MPI at nearly the same time! As the first chapter in Asia, and with inspiring leadership from the late Shin Asai and now leaders like Yumi, the future looks very bright.

For 2020, my dream is to visit Japan for the first time and invest quality time in getting to know my colleagues there and add to my understanding of the juts what makes the Japan Chapter unique


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MPI France-Switzerland Chapter


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Gerard Reus

President MPI France-Switzerland Chapter

Meeting Professionals International



1) As a Meeting Industry Professional, how are you going to describe FRANCE-SWITZERLAND this year, 2020?

Like many meeting industry professionals, I have finally realized that events will now be all sustainable. In 2020, it is time to commit to sustainability and going back is not an option. 

 2) Any comment/messages to Japan, Japan Chapter, or anybody working in the Japanese business event industry? 

Japan and France are recognized leaders in the organization of major international events such as the Olympic Games in 2020 and 2024. Let's see what we can do together on this matter and more. 

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