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Advice from a Recruiter

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By: Pamela Wynne, CMM, HMCC | Jun 3, 2021

After transitioning to Training & Recruitment following a good 20+ years in planning, operations and account management I feel compelled to give out some advice and encouragement to those who are looking for a job.  Let’s face it, our industry right now is beyond tough.  We are starting to see job openings from a cautiously optimistic industry that I fear will open up like a bull coming out of the gate.  I am sure my fellow recruiters are gearing up, making connections, gathering resumes, building up candidate pools for the upcoming massive hiring that will be needed once the industry comes back full force.

I have been thinking about some common things I see as I am constantly talking with candidates and think I can give some advice:

  • For virtual interviews use a background filter or have a clean,Blog Advice from Recruiter 1 organized  space. No one wants to see your bedroom, your significant other walking around, your kids interrupting you, etc. I know life at home is hard, but I would much rather have a candidate say can you give me a moment to find a quieter place. Prepare your space ahead of time, be early on-line, look at the camera and SMILE…Be yourself. 
  • Yes, your attire matters! Appear neat and orderly. No suit needed, but your favorite band’s T shirt isn’t really the best interview outfit.
  • The cover letter - the honest truth is that I don’t read cover letters that are 2 pages long. I’ve heard a ton of recruiters say they don’t even read cover letters. Keep it short, simple and highlight the 1 or 2 main points you want to make as to why YOU are the right candidate.
  • Your resume - get a second set of eyes to proof it. I still get resumes with typos on them. Short and to the point is key. List skills, accomplishments, and achievements. BE SPECIFIC – “I completed XYZ project 2 months early and saved an additional 10% off the budget”… Remove the objective statement; we all know you want a job in your field using your skills and experience blah, blah, blah. Tell me your success stories, and how you overcame challenges.
  • Gaps in employment – it is a given after COVID many were on furlough/downsized. What did you do during that time? What new skills have you learned?
  • Build Your LinkedIn Network! The best candidates come from referrals. Advice from a recruiter 3 We trust those we have worked with before and those we know in the industry. You need to build your network, reach out to people, give recommendations, ask for recommendations. Connect with people in the jobs you want to attain and get advice. Share articles, comment on articles. Get your name out there.
  • Write articles, try to get on industry educational panels. Build up your credibility and share information freely.
  • Mentor someone
  • Send a nice thank you note. This is really getting lost, but a one sentence email isn’t putting your best foot forward. Mention something SPECIFIC you discussed during the interview. Remind the hiring manager why YOU are the best candidate. If there was something that you are challenged with or lacking, how do you plan to overcome it? How are you going to contribute to your training plan?

Remember:  Be yourself, be genuine, be honest and Good luck!



Pam's Headshot
Pamela Wynne, CMM, HMCC
Director of Training & Recruitment at Ashfield Event Experiences


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