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The position of Director of Special Events for the 2022/2023 term has become vacant and we are seeking a member in good standing to fill this role beginning October 2022.  We hope you will consider applying for this opportunity to serve your chapter and join the MPI New Jersey Board of Directors.

Special Events Board Application 2022-2023

Director Special Events Board Description 2022-2023

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One of the most crucial resources to ensure our Chapter success revolves around the selection of our volunteer leadership to serve on the Board of Directors.

The Governance and Nominations Committee is currently being established and will work diligently to prepare for the upcoming nominations process to secure the Chapter's leadership for the 2023/2024 term. 

Nominations Applications for the 2023/2024 Board of Directors positions will open up in Fall 2022, so stay tuned!  


Why We Serve

Hear from fellow members on why they serve MPI New Jersey as a Chapter Leader!  

Pam Wynne18670896_10213586533764359_4238919922787182356_n

Past President 2014-2016

I have been in the meetings industry for about 25 years.  To our youngest members and potential members I don’t think they can even imagine their life that far ahead.  I respect them and can see myself in their eyes.   They are new, up and coming, looking for their next promotion, raise and maybe even still trying to figure out if they want to be in this crazy industry.  I would no way be where I am today professionally or personally without my role at MPI New Jersey.  I started many years ago on the Newsletter committee – back when it was actually printed!   I became interested in a broader experience and wanted to see how it all worked.  I was Vice President of Communications at one point and then took on the role of President of the Chapter.   Each step of the way I had leaders, mentors, and coaches who encouraged me, stuck by me, challenged me to think outside of the box and also push my buttons and bring out my passion!   Age and experience didn’t matter – the committees were diverse both in background and age.   What mattered was a desire to help, give back, and to promote our industry and bring credibility to our jobs!  I was so grateful for the support from each of my companies as well as my fellow board members.

Looking back, my best friendships now were born out of my service at MPI.   My service has helped me get promotions and raises various roles, helped me find opportunities when I was out of work during various layoffs and it has fulfilled me to be able to do that for others. The connections I made were invaluable. 

Throughout my whole time at MPI when I sat there very young and new to the industry I had always heard the older generation say what you get out of MPI is what you put in and I never really understood but now sitting in my seat looking back with great satisfaction I not only understand but embody that sentiment.   Every ounce of sweat, tears, and hard work I have put into MPINJ to produce great education, events, and build strategy has come back to me at least two-fold. 

My encouragement and advice I give to those sitting on the fence or watching from the sidelines is that you really can make a small commitment and check it out.  Start small – volunteer for a task, small project and get to know yourself and what you can do.  You want to get ahead, get promoted, get that raise – you can do it through service for MPINJ.  You need to be open-minded.  Open your eyes and ears and make those connections with people.   Look at how you can connect to mutually benefit both of you.   Make those peer to peer connections – working side by side on committee work is a step towards building your brand and your future. 

I hope you too like me those years ago will make that leap of faith in yourself and join a committee or the board.   It is sure to change you for the better!!!

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