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From the Heart – A Powerful Tune in to Talk

Heart Talk

By: Trish Rafferty, CMP, HMCC | Sep 22, 2021

On September 9 I was excited to participate in my first “Tune in to Talk” session, A Heart to Heart Conversation about Heart Health, moderated by chapter past president, Rebecca Wakefield, CMP, and the session did not disappoint.  I was overwhelmed by the brave conversations shared by two of our industry veterans and chapter volunteers, Patty Stern of Glamorous at Heart and Jennifer Sena, CMP of Visit Lauderdale. 

Jenn and Patty

Both women experienced life-threatening heart issues that stopped them in their tracks. Happily, both survived and are thriving.  They were generous in sharing their stories with industry friends and colleagues and answering questions.  Both were forced to focus on re-evaluating priorities and making life changes.  Heart health and focus on self-care are topics we do not talk about enough and they are critical to all of us especially in this high stress industry.  Many of us are guilty of putting everyone else’s needs before our own – this behavior is not uncommon among women.  We are also strong believers that “It can never happen to me,” but Patty and Jenn are living proof that it can and does happen often with no warning.  tracks.  Neither had a history of heart disease or felt the expected symptoms.  Patty Stern had a heart attack at age 54 and was unaware it had happened for 3 days.  Jennifer Sena had a heart attack and suffered cardiac arrest at age 47 after falling ill during a family party and being airlifted to the hospital.  Jenn and Patty each recalled the experience as terrifying and eye-opening.

Since their heart crises Patty and Jenn have focused on lifestyle changes including diet, exercise and stress reduction – changes that do not come naturally to any of us but are critical to staying healthy.  In addition, while maintaining their day jobs both are determined to share their stories and educate others on heart health and focusing on a healthy life.  See opportunities below to connect with Patty and Jenn and continue the conversation.  

  • Jennifer Sena hosts an emotional and educational podcast on Heart Me Final PNG LOW Spotify entitled Heart Me.
  • Patty Stern is the founder of Glamorous at Heart a website that provides resources for women on lifestyle, health, wellness and fashion to help them live their best lives. gahlogo2021
  • Jenn and Patty are both fundraising and planning to participate in the October 17 Northern New Jersey Heart Walk at the Turtle Back Zoo. Contact Patty or Jenn to donate, participate and for more details.

For more information on heart health and how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle visit the wealth of resources available on the American Heart Association’s website,

Thank you to both Jennifer and Patty for sharing their stories and let’s keep the conversation going – it’s critical to all of us.



Trish Rafferty Square 6-9-20
Trish Rafferty, CMP, HMCC
Meeting Event Manager at Maritz Global Events


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