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Tune In To Talk: Episode 6 with Bart Berkey

April 28, 2021
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Heather Kresge
Phone: 570-620-8491

MPI New Jersey Chapter's Tune In To Talk is designed to bring our  community together with discussions our industry cares about right now!
Date: Episode 6: April 28, 2021 @ 11:30am
Speaker: Bart Berkey
Program: "How to move your should do's to done" (By doing what most people don't)
Fees: Complimentary Bart Berkey Headshot 1

Bart is a motivational storyteller, author, keynote speaker, and former Ritz-Carlton Global Executive. His core message: Most People Don't (MPD) is the foundation to encourage improvements in behavior. He shares real life stories through Messages That Matter that provide applicable takeaways and actionable ideas. We all know what we “should do” to live a more purposeful life and contribute to others.
Now learn how to use his trademarked tool to move your “should do’s” to "done" for greater results and success.
Key Learnings:
1. Why it is "easy to be, but better to become."
2. How you control your own destiny through your actions and mindset.
3. How your focus on "should do's" is the most important category for more success.
4. Why the three words "Most People Don't" works to enhance behaviors.
5. How to find your motivation through "if the WHY is important enough, the HOW becomes easy."
6. How to use the "Should Do Accountability Chart" to hold yourself responsible for your growth and progress.


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