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Meeting and Event - CMP Prep Course with Joanne Dennison

September 22, 2020 - September 25, 2020
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Joanne Dennison

Tuesday – Friday, September 22-25, 2020 
3:00pm – 7:00pm each day---the class is ALL four days


Learn how to be better at what you do ---and further your career
Earn Contact Hours for the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
Application or Re-certification

This intensive and extensive, class utilizes the CMP – International Standards as the base for the areas of learning. This is a class where the information is taught, not facilitated. It will be live video and there will be no Power Point. Although we won’t physically be in the room together, any questions will be answered either during, or after the class.

Joanne is an educator. Because of that the first and foremost purpose of the class is about learning to be a better professional in the meeting and events industry (planner or supplier), and applying it when you go to work the next day. Yes, people have even taken the class who were not sitting for the exam just for the learning experience! A key adult learning principal is that adults want to see how what they are learning applies, and yes it does help you on the exam too.

Class hours count toward the CMP CE application and recertification hours.

For many attendees it is also about “getting” a grasp on the material in a strategic, situational and conceptual way to pass the CMP exam. The exam is no longer about memorization. It is about thinking, planning and acting strategically. The questions are no longer definition based, but situation based (“You are at your meeting and...”). The topics that are covered are emphasized according to importance and relevancy to the CMP-International Standards, and the proportion to how they are used in the exam.

Her teaching style is about learning more about what you love to do, not studying to take an exam. She assumes you love what you do or why would you be working towards the certification?

When you finish the class not only will you have gone through lots and lots of material, you will have the information to create your own strategic study plan of what you need to do and how you need to do it, based on your schedule and your needs. One size does not fit all. You will know how to spend your time on the EIC Manual, PCMA PMM, and EIC Glossary. You will also know where not to spend your time.

Joanne is an outlier in what, and how, she teaches. If you want to hear what you have heard from everyone else, this is not your class. She knows everyone is coming from a different place when they attend the class, and is constantly working on the material so everyone “gets it”. For people who have taken the exam before, and not passed, and are looking for a way to start over, this class is a good place for you. She has taught many classes where English is not the first language of some or all of the attendees, and feels that has made her a better teacher, because of choosing her words and examples more carefully.

For 20 years she has taught CMP exam preparation as part of her business. During those 20 years she has listened and advised people who are going through the exam and after. She has talked to hundreds of people after the exam and asked what worked for them, and where sticky part were. From there she has changed ways she taught material, and has pages of study and test techniques she shares with her class. Joanne also works to stay current on what the exam is now, not what it used to be. And of course, there are the YouTube videos, which have over 40,000 views from over 60 countries.

There is also a “Pay Once, Take Twice” option where you can come the first time to get you on your way for preparing. Then, if you choose, find a future class, that fits your schedule and take it at no additional charge. This virtual class counts ---so if you want to take an “in person” class later---you can. The class has to be one through her company, not through any other organization.

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EIC (Convention Industry Council)- Information about CMP

For information about the CMP-International Standards

For information on how to apply see

After you are approved to sit you have up have 365 days to take the exam (usually 4 testing cycles). The exam cost $450.

Required Referenced Books for Studying –Purchasing from EIC Marketplace  Prices do not include shipping and handling

CIC Manual, 9th Edition  Hard copy: $99.95 USD, e-book format: $69.95 USD, Hard copy and e-book combo discount: $150 USD (must be purchased at same time to receive discount)

APEX Glossary, 2016 Edition:  $35.00 USD

Professional Meeting Management, (PCMA Manual), 6th edition:$110.00 USD

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