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You attend the monthly chapter meetings and the international conferences when possible, but what else is there? Get involved and make the most out of your membership dollars by exploring the volunteer options available within the Ohio Chapter.


What you can gain by getting involved:


The involvement with committees provides an opportunity for you to earn points towards your CMP certification and allows leaders to emerge to become tomorrow’s board members. Another great attribute to include on your resume.



What a great opportunity to get to know your peers. Your committee involvement brings additional networking time with other chapter members which may lead to additional business opportunities.



Develop additional knowledge and industry skills by working on the various tasks that each committee has on their agenda. Your involvement allows the chapter to bring our meetings and attendance to new levels.


With a wide array of committee options, MPI Ohio provides the opportunity for any experience level, time constraints and interests.


Please select a committee below for more information.


Chair: OPEN

The Education Committee is responsible for the development and content of between six and seven monthly educational programs each fiscal year. The committee is represented on the MPI Ohio Board of Directors by a VP of Education and a Director of Education. This committee's responsibilities include program development, speaker selection and communications, site coordination, menu planning, and all meeting logistics.

Chair: OPEN

Do you like to write? Interview industry leaders and peers? Design and produce magazine, web, or social media content? If you said yes, then your skills fit perfectly with the Communications Committee, aka Comms Squad! With your help, our team will connect, recognize and update our members with creative and useful content through our social media channels and quarterly publication.

Chair: OPEN

This committee is responsible for membership engagement, recruitment, retention & recognition. Duties include following up with members regarding membership satisfaction & renewal, expired memberships, contacting potential new members to promote benefits of membership, helping with the new member on-boarding program, connecting with new members & non-members at all chapter events, and recognizing existing members within the community. The VP of Membership enforces the Membership Business Plan and selects a chairperson within the committee to lead membership efforts in their respective geographic areas. Conference calls are held monthly with the membership committee and new tasks are assigned throughout the year.

Chair: OPEN

This committee will assist the Member Recognition Chair in planning and executing the Annual Recognition/Appreciation Event in June. Establishing a relationship with the hosting venue, conducting site tours at the venue, promoting & collecting the nominations for Planner/Supplier/Committee/Facility of the year/Other Awards are all responsibilities of this committee. The Recognition Committee falls under the Membership Committee with the VP of Membership assisting in writing the program show flow to incorporate the installation of the Board of Directors for the upcoming year. The Recognition Committee members are also encouraged to join Membership Committee conference calls on ideas for more consistent recognition throughout the year.

Chair: Jane Lee

This committee supports MPI Ohio committees in their goal to meet and exceed budgeted cash and in-kind sponsorships, by managing the relationship with the chapter’s contracted sponsorship sales organization through regular communication of committee needs and progress made toward the established financial goals for each event.  The committee will also provide referrals of suppliers that can provide in-kind and cash sponsorships and make recommendations to the Board of Directors about sponsorship packages and proper recognition of sponsors. They also handle booking the venues for the chapter meetings.

Chair: Chad Lusher

This committee oversees the Chapter’s funds and financial records. The collection of all funds and/or assessments; establish proper accounting procedures for the handling of funds; and is responsible for keeping the funds in such banks, trust companies, and/or investments as approved by the Board of Directors or by the Executive Committee.



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