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MPI Oklahoma is the leading statewide community giving meeting and event planners the tools they need to learn, ideate, collaborate and advocate. The chapter’s membership generates more than $53 million in buying power and is a strong voice for the promotion and growth of the industry.

When you join MPI Oklahoma, you become part of an organization dedicated to your personal and career success. You’ll connect with the innovative learning, passionate people and big ideas that will empower you to become an agent of change and reinvent the world.


MPI's Oklahoma Chapter

MPI Oklahoma 2021 Board Retreat

"MPI Oklahoma understands that when people meet face-to-face, it empowers them to achieve the unimaginable. That’s why we advocate for advances to the meeting and event industry—and the careers of the people in it. We connect meeting professionals to one another and provide education experiences so planners/suppliers can produce experiences that inspire, educate and energize. We've all had our challenges over the past few years and are stronger than ever. Cheers to amazing year to come!"

-Lydia Hopkins, MPI Oklahoma Chapter President

MPI Chapter Membership Population

Planners: 33
Suppliers: 26
Students: 18
Faculty: 1
Other: 0



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