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And Now, A Message From Your Incoming President - June 2021

By: MPIOC | Jun 23, 2021

jon_trask_2020“The Future is Unwritten”
We are all familiar with this moment. You have an assignment, a job, a story to tell or an idea to document. You click on “open new document” and you’re faced with a blank page. Nothing in your head has been put into words yet ... it only exists in your mind. It is still unwritten.

“The Future is Unwritten” is a quote that I like by the late leader of The Clash, Joe Strummer. I’ve always thought it was a valuable bit of wisdom to try and keep in mind. Because in our business, we all spend so much of our lives planning for the future, trying hard to anticipate everything, while planning for those inevitable unexpected contingencies (good or bad) that will happen, despite our very best thinking. The past year and a half dramatically showed us some of those highs and lows that we can all face when presented with a previously unimaginable future.

But in a time of such great challenges, the very fact that we face these unknowns also allows us the freedom and opportunity to create things we might never have considered.

That’s the challenge your MPIOC board has taken on for the coming term. We respect and honor the past, those brilliant chapter leaders of previous boards who left us in a position to weather a generational storm and still keep afloat. With so much having been swept away, our new leaders are looking at anything and everything done in the past ─ using that to inform their new and fresh ideas to rebuild the chapter, as we all are also working to restore our businesses and industry. We recently spent three days at a board retreat, planning for the coming year. And, I can only say that I am inspired and honored to be working amongst such an experienced, imaginative, and brilliant group of leaders.

As in-person events return, I hope you’ll be as excited as I am to see the great things your MPIOC board is already planning for the next year. You can say that I’m looking forward to seeing the next chapter to be written by each member of MPIOC.

The future is unwritten, so I hope that you each will write a great one for yourself. I hope to see you all in person on July 6th when we kick off the new term in style with our MVP Awards Party taking place in Irvine at the Championship Soccer Stadium at the Orange County Great Park.

Jon Trask, CMP CMM
MPIOC President-elect 



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