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Getting Back To Business - April 2021

By: Annemarie Allain, CEM | Apr 7, 2021


On the forefront of our minds, and something we have been watching closely, is the reopening of California.  As the only state that has not reopened live events, industry leaders came together to urge the governor to expedite the reopening of California convention centers and allow hotels to resume indoor meetings. 

The pandemic has robbed California of $66.1 billion in trade show and convention revenue, $900 million of that at the Anaheim Convention Center alone. During the press conference, leaders urged the governor to release guidelines to allow for these meetings to return, claiming that businesses that would have come to California have now relocated to other states.

Never fear though, relief is in sight! Angels are welcoming fans to the Big A on April 1st, Disneyland opens the gates on April 30th, and Knott’s Berry Farm is planning to welcome everyone back in May.  Despite capacity limitations, the news of theme park goers and baseball fans returning to Orange County has local hoteliers and business owners anticipating a revenue boost soon. 

Not long after the press conference wrapped, the governor’s office announced it would be presenting guidelines on reopening in the coming weeks; unfortunately, those have not been released as of the time this was written, but the industry anxiously awaits that message.. Click here for the latest updates.

Thanks to our local leaders, the pressure is mounting for business to resume!

Annemarie Allain, CEM
2021-2022 Director of Communications

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Annemarie Allain, CEM





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